Monday, December 14, 2009

Ann With No "e"

Christmas Badge

There is no "e" at the end of her name, she tells us. And she turns "a lot of dirt", so she says.

She is Ann Voskamp.

And the dirt? It's dark and loamy, rich in what helps us grow, full of minerals for the spirit, good earth that can be tilled again and again and always yield something unexpected. It's a mix of words that move you quietly and gorgeous images that feed the need for what you might be missing elsewhere, on the inside.

Appropriately enough, Ann is the wife of a farmer with whom she raises, in Ontario, Canada, corn and soybeans along with six children whom she home-schools. She has a background in education which she rightly terms a passion, and child psychology — interests she fed while studying at York University and University of Waterloo.

For most people, what Ann does every day, as mother and wife and teacher and full-time farmer, would be more than enough. But Ann is not most people; decidedly not. She is a writer, too, and one of the finest online. She crafts beautifully written essays for the San Antonio Christian Beacon, Christian Women Online, and The High Calling of Our Daily Work as well as (in)courage, and is a contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series (Power Moms: 101 Stories Celebrating the Power of Choice for Stay at Home and Work From Home Moms), Cup of Comfort Devotional, Gift of Family Writing, and the National Center for Biblical Parenting's Family Heart Moments. Currently, she's writing a new book, to be published by Zondervan.

Ann is, in addition, the author of an award-winning home-schooling curriculum series, A Child's Geography, which includes "Explore His Earth" and "Explore the Holy Land", volumes 1 and 2, respectively. Ann donates all profits from sales of the books to World Vision, a community development, disaster-relief, and advocacy organization.

With what must be formidable energy, Ann provides inspiration for journalers, nourishes The Gratitude Community, and writes a blog, A Holy Experience.

That last place is where I found Ann, through others' blogs and a lot of good press. At A Holy Experience, Ann lets:

lovely things pile up
words, mostly,
lots of pictures, too
 that speak their own words
 leaving you
dazed on the day you
notice how much they matter
because she lives them

Remember the name Ann Voskamp. Ann with no "e". Ann who knows how to prepare and feed and tease from the dirt so that it gives and gives some more.

At High Calling Blogs, we're celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas with 12 Days of Community by highlighting the blog(s) or Website(s) of people other than ourselves or people we think you should know about. As our friend Glynn says, this is something we should be doing anyway, all the other 353 days of the year.

This is the eighth piece to appear under the 12 Days of Community badge. The others are:


Glynn said...

Ann Voskamp's blog is one of my favorites - and this is a wonderful tribute to her.

Louise Gallagher said...

Oh Maureen! I am so grateful for your blog this morning. I wandered over to Ann without an 'e's blog this morning and got lost in wonder.

Thank you for introducing me to so many incredible people and their gifts.

Anonymous said...

a very talented and loving woman...
and you are right, her blog is full of beautiful offerings.

Dianna Woolley said...

Wow - not only is she some woman, you are special to have done so much research on her life and work - inspirational - both of you!


L.L. Barkat said...

I would love to walk the fields with Ann some day. Well, I have in a sense. But, you know, under the actual sun... against the actual wind...