Friday, June 18, 2010

All Art Friday

All Art Friday

Video Artist Bill Viola at  SLAM

Acclaimed American video artist Bill Viola's The Visitation will be presented at the St. Louis Art Museum from June 20 to September 6. Presented in conjunction with SLAM's exhibition of "The Mourners: Tomb Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy", the video is part of Viola's 2008 Transfigurations series; its inspiration, according to Viola, is Ibn Arabi, Sufi poet and mystic; a poem by the Senegalese poet-storyteller Birago Diop; and his own parents' deaths. Its themes are life and death, faith, grief, mourning and sorrow, heaven and earth — the same as the themes of the "The Mourners", which comprises 40 white alabaster sculptures that once adorned the tomb of the Duke of Burgundy (1404-1419), also known as "John the Fearless". The pairing of these 15th Century and 21st Century works provides a wonderful opportunity to contemplate the universality of emotions captured in two very different media created hundreds of years apart.

While visiting New York City in early May, I saw Viola's Three Women (2008) at the Rubin Museum of Art, as part of the exhibition "Remember That You Will Die" (that exhibition continues until August 9). It is as stunning and emotionally tugging as any work by Viola I've seen. While visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I saw "The Mourners", which were presented as a processional in a well-trafficked exhibition hall. There was a solemnity to and intimacy and understood familiarity with the deeply expressive figures that drew many visitors, including this one, for long and careful looks. (Go here to view the individual figures. Go here for a New York Times review. Additional information about the figures' history is here. The image at left is of Mourner No. 70.)

For those unfamiliar with Viola's work, I've included here a video of Viola's Ocean Without a Shore (2007). It was from additional material from the Ocean series that Viola created Visitation. Many more videos of Viola's work can be found at YouTube, including this interview at the 2007 Venice Biennale, where the video was installed. Go here, too, for some of Viola's and curator David Anfam's statements about Ocean.

Exhibitions Here and There

✭ A new exhibition, "Fantastic Journeys", opened yesterday at the McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, Virginia, and continues through July 31. The juried show of works "inspired by the spirit of adventure, exploration, or utopian visions" showcases artists Marise Riddell, Amy Glengary Yang, Lindsay McCulloch, Isabel Manalo, Sabine Carlson, Josephine Haden, Joel D'Orazio, Rebecca Katz, and Jeff Huntington.

✭ In Alexandria, Virginia, the Athenaeum plays host to "Of Itself: Medium as Message". The group show, which opened yesterday and continues through August 1, presents the works of Christian Benefiel, Michael Fitts, Joanne Kent, Kevin Kepple, J.T. Kirkland, Kim Manfredi, and one of my favorite artists, Laurel Lukaszewski. According to the promotion for the show, the artworks — of paint, wood, clay, rust, glue, ink, scrap metal — give voice to the nature of the media used. A reception for the artists is scheduled for Saturday, June 19, 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Kirkland and Twig Murray curated the exhibition.

✭ At Arlington Arts Center, "Art Scouts" opens tonight, June 18, with a reception from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. On view until August 21, the show includes work by more than two dozen artists, including Madeline Stillwell and Elin Lennox. Each artwork shown is a selection by one of six other artists, each working in a different discipline, who "scouted" for artists who use the same materials or methods. Two other exhibitions open the same night: "The Unhappy Life of a Plastic Bag", presenting work by Sabyna Sterrett (Sterrett's a resident artist at AAC), and "The Us & The They", in which photographer Kay Chernush "holds a mirror up to prejudice and stereotypes" as experienced by residents of Arlington Country, Virginia.

✭ An exhibition of stunning new work by painter Deborah Barlow and sculptor Rina Peleg opens June 26 at the Brooklyn Workshop Gallery, a new nonprofit organization that seeks to promote the experience of art for everyone. The reception for "Midsummer Revel" (see image below) begins at 7:00 p.m. The gallery is located at 393 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, New York.

✭ This year's Site Santa Fe Eighth International Biennial, "The Dissolve", launches June 20 and continues until January 2, 2011. Curated by Daniel Belasco and Sarah Lewis,  the show, as presented in three sections in specially built galleries comprising some 15,000 square feet, mixes "up-to-the-minute" technology with traditional visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture), as well as dance, music, and film. According to the Curatorial Statement, "[t]he fundamental form of this new work is animation, uniting the technological (the camera) with the hand-made (drawing). The Dissolve will trace the development and reinterpretation of moving image techniques in wonderfuly surprising juxtapositions." Choreographer Bill T. Jones is to present a live performance piece and works by Paul Chan, William Kentridge, Raymond Pettibon, Kara Walker, and Federico Solmi will be on view. A selection of Biennial videos and a complete list of artists whose work is represented is here.

Art Therapy Without Borders Launches

Art Therapy Without Borders, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, developing, and supporting international art therapy initiatives and the work of art therapists worldwide launches on June 6. Founded by the Art Therapy Alliance and the International Art Therapy Organization, ATWB functions as an umbrella organization to consolidate the many charitable, educational, and networking programs and activities of the ATA and IATO.  To follow ATWB on FaceBook, go here.

Art Dealers Association of Greater Washington

The Art Dealers Association of Greater Washington (ADAGW), founded in 1981, recently launched a new Website. Whether you live in the Washington, D.C., area or are planning a visit, check the site's News/Events section for a list of exhibitions.


Louise Gallagher said...

My friends belong to the Brooklyn Workshop Gallery -- she shows her fused class creations there. It's a wonderful place!

And I like your friend Deborah's work -- really beautiful when you put the painting with the scruptors!

Just so you know -- the link for Art without Borders doesn't work.

have a joyful day! Thanks for the finds.


Maureen said...

The link has been fixed (I left out a "t"). Thank you, Louise.

Anonymous said...

Maureen, I have never been more honored, to share a posting with one of my heroes, Bill Viola. Thanks for coupling us in the world of Writing Without Paper.

Di Johnson said...

Showing Deborah Barlow's painting with sculpture is brilliant! I have been admiring Deborah's work. Thank you for sharing!