Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday's Three on Art

Today's column presents three videos of works of art by Arab women. Each of the three artists has been spotlighted at Arab Women Artists on FaceBook.

✭ Faiza Maghni, of Algeria, is a self-taught painter. Note in the video below how the eyes in her wonderful portraits of women rivet your attention. Read Deanna Elaine Piowaty's interesting interview with Maghni at Combustus: "Faiza Maghni: 'I look for the cracks...'".

Faiza Maghni on FaceBook and Pinterest

✭ Women often are subjects of the paintings of Fatimah Al Nemer, of Saudi Arabia, who also is a jewelry designer. In her early twenties, Al Nemer has received a number of awards, including the top prizes in the Modern Saudi Art competition of 2010 and the Saudi Calligraphy Art competition of 2011. Her paintings were among those of a number of Saudi artists shown last year at the French Consulate.

"'Stay': Celebrating the Female Form", Saudi Arabia News, June 6, 2012

✭ A painter of densely detailed, imaginary landscapes in a Moorish style, Iraq's Widad Al Orfali has exhibited in New York, London, Bonn, and numerous European and Arab countries. She founded Baghdad's first private art gallery, Al-Orfali Gallery, which was taken over by militia in 2003. (The story of her gallery is recounted in Yaroslav Trofimov's Faith at War: A Journey on the Frontlines of Islam, From Baghdad to Timbuktu (Picador, 2006).)

Art Work by Widad Al Orfali, 1950 - Present

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