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All Art Friday

All Art Friday

All Art Friday Spotlights

Pilar Acevedo, a painter and collage artist, creates surreal narratives that she says are inspired by her memories, vintage photographs, dolls, poetry, and "unsettling human interactions".  Born in Mexico City, she was raised and currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Images of Acevedo's art may be viewed at her Website and blog. Acevedo's solo exhibition "Fragmentos" at the National Museum of Mexican Art concluded July 13.

✦ The watercolors, drawings, and paintings of Santa Fe's Mary Bonkemeyer are exquisite. Bonkemeyer's exhibition "Decades of Paint" concludes July 27 at North Dakota Museum of Art.

✦ Check out the Street Art Project by Google Cultural Institute. The project includes videos of artists sharing their stories ("Listen to the Street"), high-def imagery ("Get Closer"), mapped locations of street art, likely-to-disappear spaces, and digital exhibits of street art found around the world ("Frame the Walls").

✦ The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C., has created Total Art Videos to complement its current exhibition "Total Art: Contemporary Video", on view through October 12. The site features mini biographies and works from the 10 innovative artists in the exhibition (Dara Birnbaum, Kimsooja, Mariko Mori, Mwangi Hutter, Alex Prager, Pipilotti Rist, Michal Rovner, Margaret Salmon, Eve Sussman/Rufus Corp., and Janaina Tschape), interviews, and video clips and mini documentaries. The site is a wonderful introduction to the exhibition and an excellent resource. My hope is the museum will maintain it after the exhibition concludes.

✦ The extraordinary monumental sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz is the third artist chosen for the New York Avenue Sculpture Project, which is under the auspices of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Downtown DC Business Improvement District, the DC Office of Planning, and various other local agencies. Abakanowicz's installation will be on view from September 27, 2014, through September 27, 2015. According to a press release, a range of the artist's figurative works is expected to be included and will be dedicated at Community Day, Tuesday, September 30.

Exhibitions Here and There

✭ Rhode Island's Newport Art Museum has mounted a show of paintings by Elizabeth Congdon. "Elizabeth Congdon: Heaven and Earth" is on view through August 12. Also at NAM are the marine botanicals of Mary Chatowsky Jameson, who describes her work as an examination of marine algae as a contemporary art form. "Mary Chatowsky Jameson: Marine Botanicals", which includes almost 30 originals and Giclee prints, continues through September 1.

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Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, is presenting the visual poetry of Susan Paulsen in "Susan Paulsen: Wilmot". Paulsen's exhibition, on view through September 28 (previously, it was on view in Paris, France), includes 71 photographs and two wall-size collections of photographic prints made in all seasons of the year in Wilmot, Arkansas, between 1995 and 2012. Wilmot, in southeast Arkansas, is home for part of Paulsen's family. George M. Shackelford, author of the essay for the catalogue Susan Paulsen: Wilmot (Steidl, 2012), writes that "Paulsen has created photographs that have resonance for anyone who looks at them. . . That resonance comes not in spite of her involvement with the subject but because of it."

Susan Paulsen: Wilmot (Catalogue Cover)

Susan Paulsen lives and works in New York. Her other books with Steidel include Sarah Rhymes with Clara (2011).

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✭ "Finland: Designed Environments", a look at creative Finnish design over the past 15 years, continues at Minnesota's Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It coincides with FinnFest USA, a celebration of 150 years of Finnish presence in Minnesota. Including furnishings, fashion, craft, and objects and projects by Finnish architects, the exhibition addresses the themes of architecture, urban design, sustainability, and new areas of design. An exhibition preview is available, as is an illustrated e-book, Finland: Designed Environments (MIA, 2014). (The book also is available in print and via iTunes.) A number of exhibition-related videos also are online. 

Finland: Designed Environments (Book Cover)

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✭ On view through August 31 at Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina, is "Jennifer Steinkamp: Orbit 12", an immersive  digitally animated projection installation in which the artist explores ideas about nature, architecture, motion, and perception. Projected on gallery walls, Orbit 12 is described as "constellations of bramble, branches, and leaves [that] swirl and meander like celestial nebulae in constant flux, immersing the viewer. Winter's bare limbs burst forth with colorful blossoms and lush summer canopies give way to autumn's warm brilliance in a never-ending cycle of seasonal dean and rebirth."

To sense what Steinkamp's projection installations are like, watch this video of Dervish, 2004, 2005

Orbit at Steinkamp Website (Also see Orbit, 2.) (Documentation Stills)

Jennifer Steinkamp at Lehmann Maupin

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North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Fork, will open "Fractured: North Dakota's Oil Boom" August 3. The exhibition, which will continue through October 12, will feature the photographic work of Terry Evans and the writings of journalist Elizabeth Farnsworth, who have been exploring and documenting the effects and implications of the oil drilling in North Dakota's Williston Basin region. The collaborative exhibition appeared earlier at The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

Center for Art + Environment Blog (Evans and Farnsworth)

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