Sunday, October 23, 2016

Thought for the Day

What is love? Answer the question through the story of your life.
~ Krista Tippett

Quoted from Krista Tippett, Becoming Wise: An Inquiry Into the Mystery and Art of Living (Penguin Press, 2016), page 105

Krista Tippett, Journalist; Host of National Public Radio Program On Being; Author; Recipient, National Humanities Medal

Krista Tippett, "Reconnecting With Compassion", TEDTalk, 2010

Michel Martin, "'Becoming Wise' Is a Meditation on Meaning", NPR, May 1, 2016 

On Being on FaceBook

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Short

Film Poster

Today, Saturday Short shares the trailer for Kandahar Journals (Summit Road Films, 2015), a 76-minute documentary, in English, that relates first-hand how photojournalist Louie Palu underwent a psychological transformation while covering the frontlines of combat in Kandahar, Afghanistan, from 2006 to 2010. The co-directors are Palu and Deven Gallaher; the writer is Murray Brewster.

Caution: Some scenes are graphic.

KANDAHAR JOURNALS - OFFICIAL TRAILER 3 from Kandahar Journals on Vimeo.

Read the film's interesting project history.

Screening Schedule

View Louie Palu's series Afghanistan: The Fighting Season and Afghanistan: Kandahar to Helmand, and Kandahar: The Void of War. He has posted many other photographs at his Website.

Palu, a 2016 Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellow, is also the 2016-2017 Research Fellow in the Humanities at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin. He has received numerous awards for his extraordinary work. 

Louie Pau on FaceBook

Kandahar Journals on FaceBook

Friday, October 21, 2016

All Art Friday

All Art Friday

All Art Friday Spotlights

✦ The 17th Annual Chestertown RiverArts Studio Tour, featuring 50 artists on Maryland's Eastern Shore, is two weekends: October 22-23 and October 29-30. I've made the tour in the past and recommend it. Go online for a map, brochure, and list of participating artists.

✦ Yuki Hayama is a Japanese ceramist who decorates his thrown pots by painting on them (etsuke), continuing a tradition that is 5,000 years old. The film immediately below shows Hayama at work (he works from memory some 128 patterns). His painted porcelains, whose glazes are fired a dozen times, are exquisite.

My thanks to Ceramics Monthly and Ippodo Gallery in New York for the video. "Beauty of Life", the debut exhibition of Hayama's ceramics, took place September 9-29 at the gallery, which also offers for sale a range of Hayama's work, including bowls and vases. A catalogue is available.

Exhibition Catalogue Cover Art

✦ London's Serpentine Galleries hosted this summer the first solo exhibition in a public institution in the United Kingdom of the work of Lebanese multidisciplinary artist, poet, and essayist Etal Adnan. The show, which concluded on September 11, featured Adnan's paintings, drawings, poetry, film, and tapestry and was accompanied by a catalogue (see image below), Etel Adnan: The Weight of the World (Serpentine and Koenig Books, 20166), available in three covers, each depicting a different painting from Adnan's most recent series The Weight of the World, which she painted for the exhibition.

Trade Edition Cover

The catalogue may be ordered through the Serpentine Shop, ArtBook (a Koenig distribuor), Amazon, and other booksellers. The three covers may be seen at the Serpentine Shop link.

Adnan and curator Rebecca Lewin talk about the exhibition:

Serpentine Galleries on FaceBook and Instagram

✦ The Institute of Fine Arts at New York University kicked off its 2016-2017 lecture series, "Artists at the Institute", with Leslie Hewitt of New York City on September 20. Earlier this year, Hewitt had a solo exhibition, "Leslie Hewitt: Collective Stance", at the Sculpture Center, Long Island City; the exhibition premiered in Toronto.

Institute of Fine Arts on FaceBook

✦ Read about the Royal Society of Portrait Painters' top portrait painters.

Royal Society of Portrait Painters on FaceBook

✦ Following is a video portrait of Moscow-born painter, printmaker, and portrait artist Andrey Remnev. For his paintings, he uses natural pigments bound with egg yolk. The film was directed by Almira Safi and produced by SyncUp. See the Gallery on Remnev's Website.

Andrey Remnev. Portrait of the artist. from SyncUp on Vimeo.

Andrey Remnev on FaceBook

(My thanks to The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness for the link.)

Exhibitions Here and There

★ Irish painter Brian Whelan's Holy City, a series of nine paintings representing Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, are on view at the Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., through January 2017. Displayed together, the paintings comprise a 9-foot by 12-foot artwork. Of his work, Whelan says, "[T]hese paintings do not depict any holy city that exists in today's world. This is my aspirational vision of what a holy city looks like. Each of the canvases contains churches, mosques and synagogues painted in bright, playful and colorful forms. An abstracted, disarming vision of cultural unity; living together in peace, acceptance and in harmony; a haven for the soul." (Press Release) The exhibition is Whelan's second at the Cathedral.

View a short video with Whelan produced by the Cathedral.

Washington National Cathedral on FaceBook

★ The Holter Museum, Helena, Montana, has mounted work by the late Idaho painter and sculptor Sara Joyce (1923-2011), a visionary artist. The traveling exhibition, "Sara Joyce: Myth, Dream, and Dramatic Episodes", continues through December 30. On view are small drawings and paintings, large oil paintings, and sculptures of fabric and clay. Also on exhibit is the work of Jennifer Combe, who explores identities and motherhood in "Shift, Shift: Jennifer Combe", continuing through the end of the year.

Sara Joyce on FaceBook

Holter Museum on FaceBook and Vimeo 

★ In New Hampshire, Dartmouth University's Hood Museum of Art has opened its Hood Downtown space in Hanover with the inaugural solo exhibition "Laetitia Soulier: The Fractal Architectures". Soulier, a contemporary French photographer, sculptor, and installation artist, employs the concept of fractal geometry (i.e., each area has a direct scale relationship to the other) to denote through her images and sculpture the idea that understanding a fraction of a narrative she creates implies comprehension of the whole. (See the exhibition link and the video below for information about her artistic process.)

The exhibition, which includes selections from Soulier's series of photographs, sculpture, and installations, among them The Matryoshka Dolls and The Fractal Architectures, concludes December 11. Images are available at the exhibition link.

Laetitia Soulier, Self-Portrait*, 2016
C-print, 40" x 80"
Courtesy of Artist and Claire Oliver Gallery
© Laetitia Soulier

* From the series The Fractal Architectures

In the video below, Soulier discusses how she crafts her labor-intensive work: 

Hood Museum of Art on FaceBook, YouTube, and Instagram

Laetitia Soulier at Claire Oliver Gallery (New York)

Laetitia Soulier on FaceBook

★ On view at Washington, D.C.'s Kreeger Museum is "Smith | Paley", the first exhibition featuring a collaboration between Clarice Smith and Albert Paley. The show's inspiration was Triptych (2016) (see image below). Included are a selection of Smith's paintings, including the five-panel screen Gallop, and a selection of Paley's sculptures, including maquettes for the project documented in Albert Paley on Park Avenue. Curated by Lenore D. Miller, chief curator and director, University Art Galleries, The George Washington University, the show runs through December 30.

A discussion at the museum with Smith and Paley, moderated by Susan Stamberg, is scheduled for Wednesday, November 9, 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. The event is ticketed.

Clarice Smith & Albert Paley, Triptych, 2016
Oil on Canvas, Forged Steel, 38" x 48"
Image Courtesy Kreeger Museum and Artist

Kreeger Museum on FaceBook and Twitter

★ A selection of late 19th Century to 21st Century kimono and obi are on display for the first time at Maryland's Baltimore Museum of Art. Featured in the Textile Gallery are seven kimono and an array of obi, including an early 20th Century long-sleeved kimono (furisode) that is hand-embellished with gold and silver leaf, metallic pigments, and embroidery, and lined in red silk decorated with gold and silver leaf. (A curator's post about this garment is noted below.) The exhibition, "Kimono & Obi: Romantic Echoes from Japan's Golden Age", continues through January 15, 2017. Stunning and lavish!

Kimono Furisode (1912-1989), Taisho (1912-1926), or Showa (1926-1989).
20th Century Japanese Textile
Gift of Mrs. D.M. Cheston, Baltimore 1990.113
Image Courtesy BMA

Read Anita Jones's post "BMA Voices: A kimono six months in the making" on the BMA blog.

BMA on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram

Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life

. . . The viewer is taken on a magical mystery tour filled with
 brightly hued forms and unique reflections presented 
in handsome compositions, which are compelling
 and often mesmerizing.
~ Bruce Helander, Artist, Art Writer, and Critic

Kit Kittle, Linger, 2016
© Kit Kittle
Used With Permission


Today's new Artist Watch column at the online arts magazine Escape Into Life takes you into the world of Kit Kittle, an award-winning photographer and film director who constantly pushes the boundaries of image-making and meaning.

Kit's work has been featured in numerous national and international publications and has been exhibited in both solo and group shows in Connecticut, Florida, and New York. He also has published three books. A resident of Greenwich, Connecticut, Kit has traveled the world for his clients.

My Artist Watch feature includes five images of Kit's most recent photographic work, his Artist Statement, and a brief biography.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday Artist: Invention in Design

The film below, part of the British Council on ArtsNew British Inventors program, introduces pioneers in British design who are exploring how to use design principles and techniques imaginatively to shape the future globally. Staff of the firm Hugh Broughton Architects are interviewed.

British Arts Council on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

See "Inside Heatherwick Studio", a major international touring exhibition of the New British Inventors program.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Letters on a Japanese Moth (Poem)

Letters on a Japanese Moth

I am sick of the brown-sugar
sky, of vast shadows performing
like slow cotillions in the fields.

If beauty is this
moment, where you are,
then I am,

and I think of houses
hidden in the Milky Way,
of wind tightened and

traveling under a silk tent
as I half-finger the braille
letters on a Japanese moth

I am dropping in a plastic bag.

Maureen E. Doallas © 2016

This inspiration for this found poem is "Top 10 Dip Into Poetry Lines" at Tweetspeak Poetry.

The poem was published September 30 in Every Day Poems.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Muse: Art and Poetry Exhibitions

Four noteworthy exhibitions that join art to poetry are on view this fall.

★ "Pegasus & Mermaids", through December 16 at the Poetry Foundation, Chicago, Illinois. The group exhibition features depictions of mythical creatures by 16 Poetry magazine cover artists. The artists are Lise Haller Baggesen, Ana Benaroya, Lilli Carre, Alexander Cohen, Stephen Eichhorn, Carson Ellis, Clay Hickson, Tony Fitzpatrick, Krista Franklin, Julia Goodman, Jenny Kendler, Kate McQuillen, Jessie Mott, Julie Murphy, Diana Sudyka, and Shoshanna Weinberger. Visit the exhibition Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Poetry Foundation on FaceBook and Twitter

★ "Real American Places: Edward Weston and Leaves of Grass", October 22, 2016 - March 20, 2017, The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino California. In addition to 25 photographs that the renowned photographer made for a 1942 Limited Editions Book Club edition of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, the exhibition includes a number of original Whitman items from The Huntington's holdings, including a sampling of Whitman's draft pages and handwritten corrections on printed proofs. (Read the press release for more information about the exhibition.)

The Huntington on FaceBook and Twitter

✭ "Three-Mile Radius", through October 22, 2016, Springville Museum of Art ~ The inspirations for this exhibition, which features the art of Jacqui Larsen and the poetry of her husband, Utah Poet Laureate Lance Larsen, are the people, places, and things of Springville, all found within a three-mile radius of Jacqui Larsen's studio.

Jacqui Larsen, Neighborhood Watch: Dog, 2015
Oil, Acrylic, and Collage on Panel
19" x 19"

Three-Mile Radius at Jaqui Larsen Website

Jacqui Larsen on FaceBook and Instagram

Springville Museum of Art on FaceBook and Twitter

★ "American Stanzas: 2006-2016", October 28, 2016 - February 18, 2017, at Poets House, New York City. Free and open to the public, the exhibition features selections of photography and mixed-media works by poet, photographer, and visual artist Rachel Eliza Griffiths. For a related event on November 3, at 7:00 p.m., Griffiths is host to poets Mahogany Browne, Aracelis Girmay, Rickey Laurentiis, Angel Nafis, Morgan Parker, and Iain Haley Pollock, who will read from their work.

Additional Information About "American Stanzas"

Poets House on FaceBook

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thought for the Day

The crack in the middle where people on both sides
absolutely refuse to see the other as evil—this is
where I want to live and what I want to widen.
~ Krista Tippett

Quoted from Krista Tippett, Becoming Wise: An Inquiry Into the Mystery and Art of Living (Penguin Press, 2016), page 35

Krista Tippett, Journalist; Host of National Public Radio Program On Being; Author; Recipient, National Humanities Medal

Krista Tippett, "Reconnecting With Compassion", TEDTalk, 2010

Michel Martin, "'Becoming Wise' Is a Meditation on Meaning", NPR, May 1, 2016 

On Being on FaceBook

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday Short

Seed is not just the source of life. It is
the very foundation of our being.
~ Vandana Shiva

Film Poster

Today's short is the trailer for SEED: The Untold Story (Collective Eye Films, 2016). Directed and produced by Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz, the film examines how and why we have lost in the last century 94 percent of our seed varieties, and what is being done by scientists, farmers, and indigenous seed-keepers to revive a culture connected to seeds.

The feature-length documentary, which has won awards at numerous film festivals where it has been screened, features primatologist and anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall, Andrew Kimbrell of the Center for Food Safety, and American activist, environmentalist, economist, and writer Winona LaDuke, who is the program director of Honor the Earth.

See the screening schedule at the film's Website ("See the Film") for upcoming showings. The documentary is in theaters throughout the United States and Canada. Its world premiere was at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington, D.C., this past March.

SEED: The Untold Story on FaceBook

Friday, October 14, 2016

All Art Friday

All Art Friday

All Art Friday Spotlights

✦ Tomorrow, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the nonprofit Baltimore Clayworks hosts its "Autumn Blaze Fire Festival" in and around its studio/classroom building in Mt. Washington. In addition to food and live music, the festival will mark the first firing of a newly rebuilt wood kiln and include demonstrations of Raku firing and a Clay Olympics.

Information About the Ticketed Event 

Baltimore Clayworks on FaceBook

✦ Take a tour of Marilyn Henrion's new Patchwork City series of collages created with paper or fabric images from her digitally manipulated photographs.

✦ If you're an artist interested in placing your work in healthcare organizations, see Renee Phillips's comprehensive 58-page Art in Healthcare for Artists: A Comprehensive e-Guide. For details, see Phillips's post, "Art in Healthcare for Artists e-Guide".

Cover Art

✦ Architect Frank Gehry talks about his life and career in Los Angeles for the four-part Art + Ideas podcast series at The Getty. Listen to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 at the Getty blog the iris.

✦ The Art21 Deep Focus feature offers interviews with composer Joel Pickard andd designer Matt Eller, both of whom are the subject of an Art21 Season 8 film.

✦ Below is a short about the knitted textiles of artist Janie Withers of Welbeck, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. In addition to fabrics, Withers and her partner Michael create a range of products, including lamp shades and other decor for the home, as well as fashion items such a purses.

Exhibitions Here and There

★ A new series of large-scale works on paper by Kara Walker debuted last month at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Influenced by Walker's time in Rome, the drawings in "The Ecstasy of St. Kara: Kara Walker, New Work" explore the concepts of permanence and impermanence, as well as racial injustice and historical fact and fiction. Comprising two dozen drawings as well as two unique works created from collagraphic printmaking, the exhibition, which is part of the museum's Centennial celebration, runs through December 31.

An exhibition catalogue is available. A collaboration between Walker and her partner Ari Marcopoulos, an artist  and filmmaker, the catalogue includes images of Walker at work, text by Walker, an introduction by CMA co-curators Reto Thuring and Beau Rutland, and contributions from medieval scholar John Lansdowne and poet Tracy K. Smith.

Read "Cleveland Museum of Art Unveils New Work, Ecstasy of St. Kara", Cuyahoga Falls News Press, September 8, 2016.

View images from the exhibition at The Plain Dealer (

CMA on FaceBook

CMA Blog The Thinker

★ A collaboration between Tate Modern in London and J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, "London Calling: Bacon, Freud, Kossoff, Andrews, Auerbach, and Kitaj" continues at Getty Center through November 13. The exhibition highlights the work of six artists who reinvigorated figure painting in the late 20th Century.

A 136-page catalogue with 101 color illustrations is available.

Catalogue Cover Art

Explore the Exhibition (Information about the artists is here.)

See calendar for exhibition-related events.

Getty Museum on FaceBook and Instagram

Getty Blog the iris (Read a feature about the exhibition, "Hanging Pictures in the Land of Giants".

★ New York City's Asia Society is featuring an exhibition of postwar abstract work by Chinese-French painter Zao Wou-Ki (19201-2013) in "No Limits: Zao Wou-Ki", on view through January 8, 2017. The exhibiion is the first museum retrospective of Zao's work in the United States. Twenty images are available for viewing at the exhibition link above.

A catalogue with essays by co-curators Melissa Waalt, Ankeney Weitz, and Michelle Yun and 141 color illustrations accompanies the show.

Catalogue Cover Art

Watch a preview.

Read Roberta Smith's coverage of the exhibition, "Zao Wou-Ki, an Abstract Fusion Master" in The New York Times.

Asia Society on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

★ A huge selection of photographic work from the estate of Lester and Betty Guttman is on view in "There Was a Whole Collection Made: Photography From Lester and Betty Guttman" at the Smart Museum at the University of Chicago. The Guttmans donated in 2014 some 830 images by 414 artists. Several hundred of those works, including rare vintage prints and contemporary photographs, are presented in the show, which continues through December 30. The exhibition is organized thematically: Natural and Built World, Photographic Experimentation, Documentary, Living with Art, Portraiture, and Fifteen Minutes of Fame. Among the artists featured are Berenice Abbott, Diane Arbus, Chuck Close, Hannah Hoch, Man Ray, and Carrie Mae Weems.

A 240-page fully illustrated, multi-author catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Catalogue Cover Art

See the museum's calendar for exhibition-related events.

Smart Museum on FaceBook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Instagram

★ On view through November 13 at RISD Museum, Providence Rhode Island, are two videos by French artist Julien Previeux: What Shall We Do Next (Sequence #2) from 2014 and Patterns of Life from 2015. Both video installations address movement in technology and innovation. The former is a single-channel video with color and sound and features the artist and dancers. The latter also is a single-channel video with color and sound and features the artist and dancers. Galerie Jousse Entreprise produced the videos.

Read A. Will's Brown's "What Shall We Do Next? An Interview with Artist Julien Previeux" (images are here).

View a RISD Museum exhibition guide (pdf).

RISD Museum on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram