Thursday, September 16, 2010

Out of Mind and In the Spaces In-Between

No matter how many artistic projects I find, I never tire of looking at the next creative thing. Below are two extremely brief videos that give you a peek into what is indisputably the work of two highly creative and inventive minds: David Montgomery and Benlloyd Goldstein.

In "Summer Sea Breeze", David Montgomery, an awarding-winning Florida-based video artist, applies his animation skills to create a digital sequence of surreal images from found natural objects—sea shells, plants, flowers. What Montgomery produces here may not be art as you know it; however, there's no denying the animations are compelling and strangely beautiful.

2010 Animation Reel from David Montgomery on Vimeo.

After viewing the above, I went in search of more work by Montgomery, whose Website, Silverfish Closet, bears as its tagline: "inhabiting the spaces in|between the walls of your mind".  Go here to see his incredible film Carapace and Shell (2010), which uses sea shells from beaches in Northeast Florida, and here for the 7-minute Elements of Time. Be sure to see this flickr page, too, which suggests how painstaking was Montgomery's creation of Carapace and Shell. Montgomery's amazing Pollenating is described as a "less painterly ode to Georgia O'Keeffe". Again, all the imagery is derived from nature.

Additional videos are found on Vimeo.

Experiential spatial designer Benlloyd Goldstein offers this snippet from his architectural masters thesis. He describes it as an exploration of "the synthesis of spatial proportion and form generated from sound [as] an attempt to interpret the intelligent proportions of waves we commonly experience as sound into expressions of formal proportion in architecture." I'll take his word for that. Just watch and be astounded. I was. Images of Goldstein's "cymatica" designs are here. Also see Goldstein's 2009 project Coachella and his stunning Ecologies of Waveform from 2008. His blog is worth a look, too.

Longwave_diagram 1 from on Vimeo.


Hannah Stephenson said...

Um. Wow.

Laura said...

Wowza, Maureen. The space between the walls of the mind...
that's where I want to hang out :).

M.L. Gallagher said...

I'm with Laura -- great place to hang out!

And who knew there were so many members of the clam family?