Sunday, March 6, 2011

After, the Evidence (Poem)

Jacob Lucas, The Show Must Go On
© Jacob Lucas Used With Permission

After, the Evidence

Everybody wants to stage
a revolution some time,

to tear back the curtain
and reveal the wizard's hand

holding fast the tongues
wagging to expose

the content of secret files,
raw, unedited pictures

of all the principal actors
in their compromising positions.

The shocking device
found in the basement

hints at how the fire
must have scorched

what dirty white bandages
now hide,

the single application
of electrifying power

gone awry.
The show must go

on, no price too high
to pay, no loyalty

so quick to shift
our gaze from what remains

before we've destroyed
the village to save it,

leaving olive trees burning
in the Red Sea's shadows.

© 2011 Maureen E. Doallas

I wrote this poem for today's One Shoot Sunday event at One Stop Poetry, where you'll find Chris  Galford's interview with photographer Jacob Lucas whose image above is offered for Sunday's Picture Prompt Challenge.

Anyone may participate in the challenge. Go here to read the interview, then scroll down to follow the directions to contribute an original poem or piece of flash fiction inspired by the image.


Louise Gallagher said...


Your imagery is stunning.

And -- I love the thought for the day as well!

Unknown said...

Beautiful, I love the movement and quickness. Each line taking you to another image and act. Very nice.

dustus said...

A village of peace burning down to the last of its olive trees. Is the open hands of the wizard worth the sacrifice of a community? With all truly complex pieces of writing there are no easy answers. Well executed, thought-provoking poem.

Anonymous said...

well done.

signed...bkm said...

so many underlining references here to the world stage...and what is and is not well done...bkm

Steve Isaak said...

Great writing, great storytelling. Exemplary work.

Dasuntoucha said...

Brava! Outstanding prompt response.

Violet N. said...

I have just spent a few minutes contemplating the image. So it's interesting to read your interpretation of it. I love how you go in so many directions.

Beachanny said...

The world stage laid bare in such expert hands through such skillful layering of metaphor and meaning. Your work always amazes me. Your passions, so evident, are always reasoned and controlled. Your language and diction always so perfect and never better than here.
Thank you for sharing your brilliant work, Maureen! Gay

katdish said...

Powerful and convicting, Maureen. Excellent.

Glynn said...

There is an apocalyptic sense to the photo - almost a wanton destruction. You caught it and framed it. WEll done, Maureen.

Kathleen Overby said...

Point and shoot words.