Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thought for the Day

. . . One of the differences between being a novelist
 and [being] a poet is that the novelist kind of moves into your house
. . . The poet is more someone who just appears. You know, 
a door opens, and there's the poet! He says something 
about life or death, closes the door and is gone. . .
I like that kind of sudden appearance. Not overstaying your welcome. . . .
~ Poet Billy Collins

Quoted from George Plimpton, "Billy Collins, The Art of Poetry No. 83" (Interview), The Paris Review, Fall 2001


Anonymous said...

I like that.
Also, i like how the poem can fit into a pocket.

Anonymous said...

not sure my comment got through...

i like this quote.
kind of like the little bird on a coo coo clock