Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Documentary 'Why Doctors Write'

. . . We in medicine are particularly drawn to stories
because these are what our patients bring to us. . . .
~ Dr. Danielle Ofri*

A new documentary, Why Doctors Write: Finding Humanity in Medicine (Ken Browne Productions), currently is in production and scheduled for release next year.

Among the doctor-writers who appear in the film, which examines the use of storytelling and creativity in healthcare settings and the inclusion in medical schools of writing and humanities programs, are Louise Aronson, Barron Lerner, and Danielle Ofri.

Watch the trailer for the film:

My thanks to Bellevue Literary Review for the link to the trailer.

Ken Browne Productions Website

Ken Browne Productions on FaceBook, Twitter, and Vimeo

Louise Aronson Website

Barron Lerner Website

Danielle Ofri Website

Of interest: Lynn Neary's feature "Story Specialists: Doctors Who Write", NPR, November 17, 2009; and *Danielle Ofri's "Storytelling in Medicine: the Passion and the Peril" at Ofri's Website.

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