Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Artist: Garden Artist Jeffrey Bale

I want to create things that are really beautiful, 
profoundly beautiful, because the world needs
as much beauty as it can get.*

Oregon Art Beat recently interviewed Portland-based Jeffrey Bale, who creates intricate and beautiful gardens of colorful pebble mosaics or river rocks; he uses primarily the stones he himself has gathered from all over the world. Self-taught (he has degree in landscape architecture), he takes his inspiration from European, Middle Eastern, Asian, and South American culture, architecture, and design.

Watch OAB's video about Jeffrey Bale, which aired earlier this month.

Bale's gardens have been featured in the Home & Garden section of The New York Times (view a slideshow, Landscape ArchitectureBetter Homes & Gardens, and other magazines.

Bale has published a number of books, including The Gardens of Jeffrey Bale, Morocco Gardens, Art, Architecture, Gardens of Southern Italy, and Kitty. (Read about his books at Blurb.)

Jeffrey Bale on FaceBook (A number of his videos are here.)

Gardens by Jeffrey BaleJeffrey Bale Blog

* Quoted from the Oregon Art Beat interview.

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