Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Artist: Cathrine Raben Davidsen

I started making art because I lack words.
Art was my way of dealing with loss.
~ Cathrine Raben Davidsen

Danish artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen is a classically trained painter who also works in other media, including drawing, ceramics, textiles, and prints. She has designed sets and costumes for The Royal Danish Ballet and exhibits her work internationally. Her inspirations come from literary and art historical sources, folk narratives, and myths.

In the following 2016 interview with Kasper Bech Dyg at her Copenhagan studio, Davidsen talks about the personal loss that initially drove her often haunting work, the colors she uses to inform the emotion and lyricism imbuing her art, her materials and techniques, and her interest in the "transformation of form [including] the difference between body and soul and form and non-form." Many of her 2016 paintings are shown in the video.

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My thanks to the Louisiana Channel for the excellent film.

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