Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Artist: Marie Craven

The remarkably talented Australian filmmaker Marie Craven pays high honors to poets when she makes films of their words. Today, you'll find below two of her videopoems, the first using my friend Dave Bonta's erasure poem, "Anatomy"; the second, Kallie Falandays's "One Dream Opening Into Many", which was selected for both the 2016 Festival Silencio in Portugal and the 2016 O'Bheal International Poetry Film Competition in Ireland. (Craven's entry won the competition.) This year alone Craven has released a dozen videopoems, all of which may be seen on Vimeo (see link below).

Craven, who seems to have a sixth sense when selecting artwork and sound for her films, also collaborates with musicians. 


One Dream Opening Into Many

One Dream Opening Into Many from Marie Craven on Vimeo.

Also see Craven's "Dictionary Illustrations", which I featured on November 22.

Marie Craven on Vimeo

Craven's work also can be seen at Moving Poems and at Pixieguts, her Website. Read about her artistic process at her Pixieguts blog.

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