Tuesday, April 25, 2017

'accidentals (recalculated)' (Videopoem)

Australian poet and filmmaker Ian Gibbins is responsible for the text, video, sound, and performance of "accidentals" (Niteshifter Productions, 2016), embedded below, a videopoem that Dave Bonta at Moving Poems describes as "brilliant" (I agree!). The videopoem was a finalist in Carbon Culture Review's 2016 Poetry Film Contest.

Gibbins's other videopoems, found at Vimeo, include "sensurious", shortlisted for The Red Room Company's New Shoots Poetry Prizes 2016; "12 Sights of the Sea"; and "situs inversus viscerum totalis", part of a multi-media exhibition on art and health, "Body of Evidence", at Adelaide Convention Centre last summer. (See an alternative version of the video that was projected onto the center's windows during the exhibition.) "Situs inversus" also was shown in December 2016 at the 5th International Video Poetry Festival, in Athens, Greece.

Gibbins, who has a doctorate in zoology, has a fascinating background that includes work as a professor of anatomy and as an internationally recognized neuroscience researcher. Since retiring from academics, he has devoted himself to poetry, electronic music, and such other pursuits as windsurfing.

Gibbins's poetry has been published in Best Australian Poems 2008 (see his poem "Field Guide" in the Poetry section of Gibbins's Website), Found Poetry Review, Right Hand Pointing, and other publications, and it has been shortlisted for The Australian Book Review Poetry Prize (2007), Newcastle Poetry Prize (2010), and 5 Islands Press's Ron Pretty Poetry Prize (2014). His debut collection of 45 poems, urban biology, was published by Wakefield Press / Friendly Street Poets in 2012. Gibbins also is the author of The Microscope Project: How Things Work (2014), containing 17 poems and color images by Catherine Truman, Deb Jones, and Gibbins; and Floribunda (2015), which features 13 poems and 19 full-color drawings by Judy Morris. Each of the collections is available to order via Gibbins's online shop.

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