Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Note to My Readers

. . . everything makes me work with words. . . .
~ "The Art of Poetry" by Juan Gelman*

I live a life of words and art, and since I began Writing Without Paper in late September 2009, I have written more than 3,100 posts. . . mostly seven days a week. . . and moved well beyond more than one million two hundred thousand pageviews. I've shared my poems, my interviews, my critical reviews, my (rarer) essays, and more, especially my passion for visual and other arts. This blog has brought opportunities for great friendships off-line, the joy and honor of being asked to publish a collection (and subsequently to read some of my poetry in New York City), the pleasures of writing for TweetspeakPoetry blog, and the delight of answering an invitation to explore the world virtually before I open my door to the world outside. Every day I have found something that has engaged my deep curiosity or allowed me to be part of an abiding community of other writers and poets and artists and social activists. I have tried to curate my own offerings to you (I know you appreciate what I do) so that light, however little it may be, shines in this one small place and leaves behind beauty and something new to consider.

I am so thankful to all of you who visit here.

The time has come for me to take a break, at least from daily posting; I've had to give myself permission to do so. Life events, some difficult, some joyous, and self-care require I do this. 

Consequently, at least through the end of September, please expect many fewer posts each week; sometimes, perhaps, none at all. I'll still be reading and learning from all of you whose own words I follow, although I'll also be cutting back on social media time.

My monthly Artist Watch columns for the online arts magazine Escape Into Life will continue uninterrupted, and I'll continue to post my introductions to them here at Writing Without Paper



* Quoted from Dark Times Filled With Light: The Selected Work of Juan Gelman (Hardie St. Martin, 2012)

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drew said...

It's good to step away and realign.
Thank you, Maureen, for keeping us art-full.