Thursday, August 15, 2019

New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life

Peter Clark, Bullie for You, 2019
Mixed Media, 41" x 41"
© Peter Clark


If you are sweltering through our August Dog Days (or is that Daze?), take a moment to get out of the heat and power up your computer to see my new Artist Watch feature at the online arts magazine Escape Into Life. There you will find some very cool and altogether unique collages — of dogs, of course — by full-time artist Peter Clark.

Peter, who is based in London, England, travels the world in search of source materials for his exquisitely crafted and much-sought-after collages. Everything from wrapping paper to musical scores finds its way into his beautiful and witty work.

Today's Artist Watch showcases eight of Peter's full-of-character collages, an Artist Statement, and a brief biography, as well as links to his Website and Instagram account. If you still need cooling down, stay with your computer and click on the links for Portland Gallery and Gilman Contemporary, where you can see additional images of Peter's work.

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