Thursday, September 19, 2019

New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life

Nebiur Arellano, Glazing (Veladura) 2018-2019
Acrylic on Silk Organza (Double Painting*)
39.5" x 39.5"
© 2019 Nebiur Arellano


It is with much joy that I introduce in today's new Artist Watch column at Escape Into Life the gorgeous and lyrical paintings of the Peruvian-born painter Nebiur Arellano.

Nebiur, who now makes her home in both Peru and the United States, has spent 25 years developing a personal "language" that reflects her vision of the world as inspired by pre-Columbian as well as modern art, and a technique that involves layering colors and intricate lines of metallic paints. If you are privileged, as I have been, to see her work up-close, you may well wonder whether her medium is glass, paper, enamel, or weaving; and you will be astonished by the rows upon rows of many hundreds of tiny squares and long lines in gold, silver, and copper. As has been remarked repeatedly by viewers, it is difficult to not want to reach out and touch the paintings' beautiful, textured surfaces that so clearly are influenced by Nebiur's knowledge of her native country's ancient textiles and her studies of modern masters such as Klee, Klimt, and Miro.

Today's Artist Watch includes seven images of Nebiur's paintings from the "ArtLima 2019" exhibition; Nebiur's Artist Statement, which is followed by her explanation of her use of silk and an ArtLima curator's impressions of Nebiur's art; and Nebiur's biography and social media. In addition, a video of her beautiful and beautifully executed work is provided.


* The first layer of silk organza allows viewers to see the painting behind that layer.

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