Thursday, October 17, 2019

New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life

Gary Justis, Fire Cat, 2018
Digital Image with Photoshop Manipulation
Finished Archival Print, 48" x 32"

© 2018, 2019 Gary Justis


Welcome to "Cat-ober", a special edition of Artist Watch that celebrates cats created with a bit of Halloween mischief! 

I'm delighted to introduce in my column at the online arts magazine Escape Into Life the digital photography of Gary Justis, who is also highly skilled in other aspects of photography and is a sculptor. Gary's cat portraits, which he describes as "an extension of my studio practice with experimental digital photography using projected light subjects", are unlike any cat portraits you may have seen elsewhere. Not only are they unique; they're also very creative. You have to look at them several times to take in their many details. (Let me know what you think of them.)

Included in today's Artist Watch are nine of Gary's cat portraits, Gary's Artist Statement, in which he provides information about his process, a brief biography, and Gary's social media sites.

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