Thursday, November 21, 2019

New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life

Maremi Andreozzi, Isabella Clara Eugenia as painted by Clara Peeters, 2019
(from the Painted Ladies Series)
Acrylic on Canvas, 40" x 40"
Copyright © Maremi Andreozzi


The outstanding painter Maremi Andreozzi is showcased in November's Artist Watch column at the international online arts magazine Escape Into Life.

Drawing on in-depth research and inspiration from patterns and objects in the decorative arts and art history, Maremi Andreozzi, who lives and works in the Mt. Vernon area of Alexandria, Virginia, creates art that tells us stories—both biographical and historical. For her Painted Ladies series, for example, Maremi introduces us to such art historical figures as Clara Peeters and Sofonisba Anguissola. Her History Adorned series presents us with Mary Queen of Scots, Rebecca Rolfe, and Queen Ana Nzinga of Ndongo, among other women, both known and not-so-well-known, in history. Each richly detailed painting appropriates images from its subject's body of work and is period-specific. 

Today's Artist Watch showcases eight images from Maremi's Painted Ladies and History Adorned series, and includes her Artist Statement, a brief biographical profile, and links to her Website and Instagram page.

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