Thursday, February 20, 2020

New Artist Watch Post at Escape Into Life

Valerie Patterson, Mourning Doves, 2020
Watercolor Painting
27" x 35"

© Valerie Patterson

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Today's new Artist Watch column at the international online arts magazine Escape Into Life features the highly refined and psychologically resonant watercolor paintings of award-winning artist Valerie Patterson.

Valerie, who holds degrees in art and education, first turned to painting as a child who experienced "excruciating" shyness. Later, finding herself inspired by a junior high school art teacher, she became "the class artist" and, after high school, attended the State University of New York at Potsdam, eventually to embark on a career as a visual art teacher. She credits her "gradually evolved" focus on art to her realization that she "had a voice" she could use to share her strong sense of equality, social justice, and humanitarianism, and her recognition that art has "tremendous power . . . to make people comfortable or uncomfortable, happy or sad, settled or unsettled." Once you see her work, I think you'll agree that Valerie not only leaves an indelible impression, she also makes you think.

This latest Artist Watch column showcases eight images from Valerie's recent series of works. Also included is Valerie's Artist Statement and a biography, as well as links to Valerie's Website and social media.

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