Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Normal (Poem)


Already, I know too many people
who cannot help flatten the curve

who cough till they gag
no ventilators left to channel them

air in the absence of drugs to
keep open a passage to breathe

They watch as their temperature rises
and their cliff grows more steep

their doctors gowned
in personal protective equipment

we all likely need
We watch each other

fighting for a twelve-pack
of baby-soft Charmin,

taking the last potato, the aloe
gel and alcohol, the antiseptic

wipes that can’t do the washing
away of clean water and soap

Who’s sick
who’s not

we can’t be sure
We’re told to practice

social distancing and self-isolation
turn to our Facebook and Twitter

screens that too-long bathe our faces
in light of disinformation

Today, an earthquake in Utah
shuts down what yesterday

still worked, Canada closes
its border to

what’s not essential
tents go up as hospitals

again, the president speaks up
to take no responsibility

Here, where family is not,
I scrub my shower with Lysol

dress for a day that will repeat
itself after every tomorrow

ask for nothing
when so many need more

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