Thursday, May 20, 2021

New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life


Love, Bronze
31 cm x 48 cm x 8 cm
© Dan Reisner
I am thrilled to feature the internationally known sculptor Dan Reisner as the subject of May's Artist Watch column at the online magazine Escape Into Life.
A multidisciplinary artist who specializes in outdoor sculptures, Dan, who lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel, creates visually striking works characterized by his deep awareness of the spaces in which he sites his large-scale bronzes. His creative process takes into account, indeed embraces and builds from, his reflections on difficult events, including, most recently, the death of George Floyd. (An image of this marvelous and moving sculpture is included in my feature.)

Today's Artist Watch column showcases eight of Dan's extraordinary works, and includes his Artist Statement and a brief biography, as well as links to Dan's Website and social media venues.

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