Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's edition of Saturday Sharing draws its offerings from game designers, poets, illustrators, tech geeks, publishing pros, and an inspirational landscape architect. 

✦ Game designers have come up with a way to help us become more physically and emotionally resilient. Check out Superbetter. (My thanks to Patti Digh for the link.)

SuperBetter on FaceBook and Twitter

SuperBetter Blog

✦ Talented graphic designers-illustrators James and Michael Fitzgerald, a.k.a. The Project Twins, have created the "A-Z of Unusual Words". Could there possibly be anyone in the world who knew all of these words before landing on this project? The graphics, I'm delighted to say, do not, at first glance, give away the words' meanings. 

✦ When you reach the point that you just can't read another word on the Web, get rid of every one by using the Wordless Web, a creation of designer Ji Lee and programmer Cory Forsyth. The browser plug-in is featured at the coolest tech sites and here on Ji Lee's own site.

Ji Lee's Word as Image on FaceBook

✦ New to me and perhaps to you: Joyland Poetry, partner to Joyland Magazine; and Everyday Genius. (My thanks to PEN American Center for the links.)

✦ For writers who just can't get enough social media resources, there's LitBridge, which provides a steady stream of articles and interviews about writing and publishing, contest news, information about publishers, journals, and creative writing programs, and listings of conferences, residencies, and other events  for professional writers.

✦ You'll find a Lace Garden, a Cacticity, a Garden for Escher, and the Folding for Peace project among the creative landscape architectures created by the award-winning Anouk Vogel


nance said...

wordless....and i thought i was strange.

S. Etole said...

There's some interesting links here ... as always!