Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flood Song and Other Poems

This month's theme at TweetSpeakPoetry is rain. In response to last week's call for book spine poems that touch on the theme of rain or water, I offer the following:

Flood Song

Flood song
delights & shadows
the last usable hour

We almost disappear

After the point of no return
the sea and the bells
see me improving

Poets, in order of titles: Sherwin Bitsui, Ted Kooser, Deborah Landau, David Bottoms, David Wagoner, Pablo Neruda, Travis Nichols

Hands Washing Water

Hands washing water
reversing the spell
moment to moment
saving the daylight

Poets, in order of titles: Chris Abani Eleanor Rand Wilner, David Budbell, Jim Harrison

The sunken lightship
is late:
Dumb luck.

Poets, in order of titles: Peter Makuck, Wayne Dodd and Ceclia Woloch, Sam Hamill

Salt Water Amnesia

A thousand vessels
jam the city in which I love you.

Tell me
I have tasted the apple.

Tell me
the captain lands in paradise
where currents meet.

Poets, in order of titles: Jeffrey Skinner, Tania Runyon, Joe-Anne McLaughlin and Li-Young Lee, Kim Addonizzio, Mary Crow, Kim Addonizzio, Sarah Manguso, Elizabeth Austen

Blessing the boats
small gods of grief
double going
against distance
for the kingdom

Poets, in order of titles: Lucille Clifton, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Richard Foerster, Peter Makuck, Anthony Piccione


S. Etole said...

And what a delightful offering it is.

Hannah Stephenson said...

So, a poem made from other titles? How fun!

I love that Lucille Clifton poem...

Peggy Rosenthal said...

What fun these "found" poems are. And they give me a glimpse of your capacious bookshelves. I'm picturing your neck bent sideways to read the spines!
But seriously, there's a mysterious power to the poetry that emerges from your careful juxtapositions of titles.

Brian Miller said...

nice...i think the last one is my fav....

Anonymous said...

hands washing water...i like that line.

Semaphore said...

Book spine poems! I saw your earlier post on them (thank you!) and spent a good evening looking through various examples. And now: your own, and what great examples they are! It's "found poetry" based on other poets' titles, and that thought makes it irresistible.

Britton Minor said...

Your work always leaves me satisfied yet wanting more...

emmett wheatfall said...

I always enjoy your work. I look forward to reading your compositions. This was a wonderful early morning read that got my day started. Thanks for the post.