Tuesday, December 22, 2009

10 Days To Touch 10 Million

A grass-roots initiative to combat depression and suicide during the holiday season, 10 Days to Touch 10 Million is a movement gone viral. It has been promoted on Twitter and FaceBook, featured on the Times Square megatron, shared via countless e-mails and newsletters, reported on by radio, television, and newspapers, downloaded and shown in shelters, before youth groups, in churches the world over.

Originally intended for sharing during the 10 days before Thanksgiving, the 10 Days to Touch 10 Million movement is continuing throughout the holiday season so that as many people as possible will hear and share the message, "Your life matters! You are loved! You are powerful beyond measure!"

Below is a short presentation, produced by Wisdom Films and narrated by Marianne Williamson, who reads "Our Deepest Fear", from her book Return to Love. Take a moment to view the video. And then help spread the message to family, friends, co-workers, anyone you know who needs to hear "We care."

For more about the movement, click here.

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