Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joy-Waiting in Advent (Poem)

The following poem, "Joy-Waiting in Advent", is my offering to Poetry Party #42 at Abbey of the Arts. The theme, announced by the Abbey's Christine Valters Paintner on the third Sunday of Advent, is "Sharing Our Deepest Joy". More information about the theme and links to others' contributions are here. You still have time to join the party. On Friday, December 18, Christine will draw a name at random from among all the participants and send the lucky winner a copy of her new zine, Crossing the Threshold: New Year, New Beginnings.

Joy-Waiting in Advent

Gabriel out-breathes

Suddenly done
it happened
just like that

Mary with One
alone with one
to-be birth

With haste to
greet to press to rub
palm against cheek
cheek against hand
hand against belly

Hand to hand in hand
with haste two to
meeting make

Mary with One
Mary with Elizabeth too
each Holy Spirit-touched

Each carrying one
receiving the One giving
the blessing of joy-waiting

Blessed Joy turning
swelling leaping
for joy waiting for

Joy held in arms
held in heart
one times two

Blessed sanctuary
womb-sheltered refuge
in Word blessed

In sacred song joy
waiting Joy with

One waiting

Two joy-
waiting Joy-waiters

Copyright © 2009 Maureen E. Doallas. All Rights Reserved.


sarah said...

this is fabulous! :-)

Abbey of the Arts said...

I agree with sarah, this is indeed a fabulous poem Maureen! Such wonderfully evocative imagery - I really love your use of hyphenated words here for effect, there is a lovely bringing together that happens here.