Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Natalie Merchant Sings Poems

TED is celebrating National Poetry Month, too, with this video of Natalie Merchant singing lyrics from oft-forgotten 19th Century and 20th Century American and British poems—all from Merchant's two-CD album Leave Your Sleep, released by Nonesuch Records April 13. 

Merchant's Website is here. Her April 26, 2010, interview with Jeffrey Brown at PBS News Hour's Art Beat is here.


M.L. Gallagher said...

I have shared this Ted video with many people -- and we all agree -- she is amazing!

Lisa Rivero said...

I agree--a marvelous video and performance! Thanks very much for the link to the interview, as well.

Anonymous said...

i like how she, her voice, the words of others and the music have all come together at this moment in time for us to see and hear.

wonder and gratefulness

sarah said...

I loooooove Natalie Merchant's music. Thank you for this wonderful link.

Judith Vogelsang said...

What a marvelous video! Her performance and the perceptive photography enhances and transforms these poems beautifully. Thanks so much for posting this. I will be forwarding it on to others.

Regards & good wishes,
Judy Vogelsang

A. Jay Adler said...

Natalie Merchant AND poetry. Now I'm happy.