Sunday, January 9, 2011

Red Menace (Poem)

Photo Courtesy of Kevin "KJ" Halliday
© Kevin Halliday Used With Permission

Red Menace

Dress her
in cayenne

to re-spice
the dull greying

memory of her
anarchist days.

Let her see

this once more,
how the flush

of her anger
feeds what gets

flags the danger

we missed then
in the afterglow.

Let her fire
our imagination,

too, impel 
our own look

back, eyes blood-
shot, breath

paling, she running
away from us.

© 2011 Maureen E. Doallas

I wrote this poem in response to today's One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge at One Stop Poetry. Featured there is an excellent interview with photographer Kevin "KJ" Halliday and the picture prompt that you see above.

Anyone may participate in the challenge. Go here to read the interview conducted by Chris Galford and then scroll down for instructions for the challenge. Be sure to add your link to share your poem or prose piece with the other contributors.

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dustus said...

"the dull greying
memory of her
anarchist days."

One thought-provoking poem! The fear presented in your lines did impel a look back, and remind me of how people may be led to look back. Brilliant poem, unique use of the prompt. Nice flow and cadence too, Maureen. Cheers

cathykozak said...

Fantastic image and fantastic words to match, Maureen!

hedgewitch said...

I think your adept use of couplets is my favorite aspect of your writing, Maureen. You seem to both simplify and add detail incrementally. I love the drawing in of the reader in the final lines.

Deborah Barlow said...

Very powerful, memorable. It hit me.

jen revved said...

this shows your consummate care and reach for le mot juste that I so greatly admire; you don't settle for the ordinary or prosaic; you sweat bullets. Brava, once again! xxxj

Poetic_line said...

I like this very much. It's as colorful as the picture. It's pithiness really brings the poem home.

Anonymous said...


S. Etole said...

I just came from Nance's and now there is another "wow" ...

D.M. SOLIS said...

Great job, Maureen. Making us think, causing us to feel. I love the sparseness of this. I love how you trust the image to say what needs to be said. Peace and continued good things for you, Dear.


One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

I love the character you developed with that cayenne spirit

Nicely done to the prompt Maureen

Have a great week