Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Sharing

Today's edition of Saturday Sharing is mostly arts- and science-and-arts-oriented. Given the breadth and depth of several of the offerings, you'll want or need to return to make the full round.

✭ Those who claim to not understand modern art no longer have an excuse to avoid it, thanks to the nonprofit The Art Story, which aims to introduce, educate, and inform people through online educational resources, educational workshops, and a speaker series. The interactive, dynamic site covers art movements (see, for example, its current feature on Abstract Expressionism), artists, and art critics and theories, and its Current Events section highlights exhibitions, primarily in New York, and important art-related happenings worldwide. All the information on the site is organized in quick and detailed views, all easily accessible and explained in lay terms. It's a terrific resource.

The Art Story on FaceBook and Twitter

The Art Story Foundation

✭ If you're a parent, chances are that you've read Eric Carle's marvelous picture books. I still have the books my only and I read together more than 20 years ago (we delighted in meeting Carle once at the Smithsonian), and sometimes I get a hankering to pull Pancakes, Pancakes or The Very Hungry Caterpillar off the shelf or hang out virtually at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, in Amherst, Massachusetts. Take an online tour of the museum here. And be sure to check out the Shop, which offers a selection of lithographs by Carle and other picture book artists, prints and posters, and sculpture, books and DVDs, fabric, and library and classroom materials.

✭ We're hearing a lot these days about efforts to foster civility and acceptance. One organization that is working hard to promote dialogue, reduce prejudice, and encourage understanding is the Human Library, which I first learned about from On Being. Through its Human Library Organization in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Human Library focuses on the creation of forums and activities to encourage respect for diversity and human rights around the world. Since its first anti-violence initiative in 2000, scores of events have been held in Asia, Europe, and the United States and Canada, not only on university and college campuses but also in public libraries and at music fests and other performing arts festivals and venues. Recently, more than 200 residents of Toronto inaugurated a series that included checking out a "human book" from the Toronto Public Library. (Read about that here.) The Website has received more than 100,000 hits from visitors all over the world; be sure to browse its sections for readers and "living books". 

✭ A related initiative I stumbled across is The Dialogue: Iconostasis for World Peace. The "Dialogue" is a project involving the creation of an art installation for world peace; it comprises a "portrait of past civilizations, their ethnicity, and culture, presented as witness" to our problems. (Selections for the installation are detailed here.) The Website presents the teachings of 10 "masters" — Moses, Plato, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, Mother Teresa, Christ, Confucius, Atisha, Buddha, and Copernicus — as well as a photo gallery of the masters, gods and goddesses, and prayer wheels and symbols, daily meditation, and a richly informative blog by the site's founders, Mary Jane Miller (her co-founder is Valentin Gomez). 

The video below shows Miller at work on "The Dialogue" and discussing the initiative's aims:


✭ One of my favorite new finds is London's Wellcome Collection, billed as "a free destination for the incurably curious". It's a venue that relates science to everything else. Its bricks-and-mortar library has more than 750,000 books and journals, manuscripts, archives, and film (access the library online). A major collection of images ranging over medicine, social history, contemporary healthcare, and more makes up the extraordinary Wellcome Images. Believe me, the Wellcome Collection lives up to its motto, and then some, and it's fun to explore its offerings online (beware, you can get hooked on some of the science games). Just take a look around!

Wellcome Collection on FaceBook and Twitter

✭ Cultivation of photographic arts and enrichment of the Atlanta, Georgia, art community are the aims of the nonprofit Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Every October ACP hosts some of the more than 150 photo-related events and exhibitions throughout the city, and during the year it sponsors many community programs and opportunities specifically for photographers' professional development. Photographers new to Atlanta should check out ACP's photo resources.

ACP Blog

ACP on FaceBook and Twitter


M.L. Gallagher said...

I brought my laptop to bed this morning so i could spend time wandering through your finds, sipping my coffee and enjoying Bach.

C.C. is reading the paper beside me, Ellie is lying on her mat at the end of the bed, and Marley, the Great Cat is maurading around.

A perfect Saturday morning.

Hugs. Have a good one my friend. You are so very, very special.

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