Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hanging In There (Poem)

Hanging in There

You don't ask
much of me,

and I don't complain.
When I fall, as I do

whenever you hurry,
you let me rest

right there, not
one word out of you.

I know you notice,
eventually will bend

down, pick me up,
smooth my sleeves,

maybe cuff the ones
next to me, a nudge

to give me some
extra breathing room,

maybe even rearrange
my order to better suit

your mood, let me fill
some need I can

only guess at: wood
first, then plastic,

next all coated wire.
Hey! I come in colors, too.

I don't take days
off. I'm here 24/7

to support you, take
up the weight you drop

from shoulders and hips
at day's end. Believe me,

I want you to keep looking
sharp, neat; really, I do!

I just can't guarantee
I won't sag with age,

splinter when you're rough
with me, snap in two

when you pop a button,
glow red-hot under the collar.

Please, don't close the door
on me, shut me up,

leave me alone in the dark.
What kind of sacrifice

are you making, anyway,
leaving the overhead light on?

© 2011 Maureen E. Doallas

I offer this little take on the clothes hanger for the "One Shot Wednesday" event at One Stop Poetry, which each week invites poets to share and read each other's work. be sure to visit the site late Tuesday afternoon and every Wednesday for links to the many contributors' poems.


Glynn said...

I'm smiling at this one - a clothes hanger speaks in poetry - and eloquently, too.

Leslie Hague said...

I've been in the process of purging clothes from my wardrobe, and hangers are building up as a process. This makes me look at them a whole different way. Lovely!

Louise Gallagher said...

Yup -- an eloquent clothes hanger -- and a deeper truth than it's just 'hangin around'.

very very cool!

Hannah Stephenson said...

There is something poetic about clothes hangers--their noises and how elbow-ish they are.

I love the playfulness of this.

Dave King said...


katdish said...



Just Me said...

Wow! This one was awesome! And the great thing about poetry is that it can be related to so much more than a clothes hanger. What a wonderful way with words!

S. Etole said...

smiling at this ...

moondustwriter said...

so delightful - I'm hanging on each word

Thanks for your support of One Shot

Moonie :)

Chris G. said...

There's more to even hangers than meets the eye, I see! Don't shut the light on them, they have feelings and fears too..

Most entertaining read, certainly from a unique perspective. Bringing poetry to even the most mundane of items - a real gem. Hope my own hangers don't hold a grudge for how long they've been left in the dark.

Brian Miller said...

personally i cant stand clothes hangers...they are the bain of my existence...lol...but you perhpas enlightened me a bit...grr...

Anonymous said...

Ha! Perfect. Can't wait to snoop your blog and see what else you have here!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Perfect. Can't wait to snoop your blog and see what else you have here!

Anonymous said...

Definitely more than meets the eye to the humble coat hanger though. Like the freshness and you thought out of the box to create this marvel

Anonymous said...

you made the hangar come alive :-)

Joann said...

Hanging around has never been so telling and poetic. Good one!

Katherine Krige said...

Glad you enlightened me at the end. Knew it was talking about something, but a little slow on the uptake. Methinks it is time for bed for a little someone.

Cute poem though. :) I like when inanimate objects are injected with life.

signed...bkm said...


Shashidhar Sharma said...

Dear Maureen

Very beautiful and interesting.... lovely the way you have brought an object alive....
Thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Connect with me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

Ruth said...

After hearing the voice of the hanger in your enlightening poem, I will treat mine with much more respect. Thank you. :-)

Padmavani said...

Enjoyed reading this Maureen!For the next couple of days I am going to wince every time I hear a hanger drop and remember your poem!
I like what you have done to any everyday object.

Cassandra Frear said...

How totally creative. I love the whimsy of this poem.

Maureen, you've got skillz!

Bubba said...

I like the intimacy here, the little details and the various feelings expressed. Nice One Shot, Maureen!

Luke Prater said...

digging the couplets.. underused these days. Nice one shot!

Warmest Salad

Luke x

Violet N. said...

Ah,that lucky hanger in your closet! Clever and fun.


Dianna Woolley said...

Imagination unleashed - you're amazing - love the coat hangar speaking!!!


Ami Mattison said...

Delightful, Maureen! Not sure how I missed this in my browsing this week, but glad I found it! Poor utilitarian coat hanger--what better object to speak poetry.

Beachanny said...

Like the bend of your metaphor today Maureen. How adroitly you make it work for you, doing double duty right through. You are amazing. I always say that! Love your work, always.