Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just in Time for. . . Memetastic

I can't say I've never heard of it but I will tell you I did not expect to receive it, this plaque with the very happy bear jumping gleefully amid a shower of colorful confetti. But who doesn't like stars, balloons, and what is clearly "the most awesome award ever made"?! It's Memetastic! 

My thanks to Kelli Russell Agodon, who, delightful poet that she is, quickly passed the plaque this morning, just as the rules require.

In accepting this award, I have no trouble fulfilling the first four requirements:

✦ Link back to the blogger who bestows the award. (✓)

✦ Display the image from the award creator (see graphic above). (✓)

✦ Pass the award on to five (5) other bloggers who must follow these rules. (✓)

✦ Link the post back, so Jillsmo can follow its trajectory. (✓)

Before I  get to that fifth need, I want to tag the following for their awards:

To those of you listed above: You may turn down this award and there will be no hard feelings but we all know all of you new awardees are going to keep the award show going, don't we?

Now, for that fifth requirement:

✦ List five (5) facts, four (4) of which must be lies. (✓) I despise lies, lying, and liars but in the spirit of the award, I do my best to satisfy the mandate: 

✹ After graduating from college, the first place I lived, for six months, was Paris.

✹ I was one of the few students my Italian professor dated.

✹ I occupied the same dorm room Jane Fonda lived in when she attended my college.

✹ My mother's ob was more interested in attending a party the night I was due than tending to my mother.

✹ I never got to give flowers to any star during any of the many summers I worked at Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts.

The first person to identify the one truth amid the facts (four are lies) above will receive a prize, which will remain secret until its receipt by overland mail! (P.S. I won't identify a winner until tomorrow.)

Have fun, and happy blog reading this Sunday!


Anonymous said...

there is no way i can tell the truth from the lies!
you are cunning.

Anonymous said...

Well, I like the idea of you having a fling with your Italian professor (What can I say, I have a thing for guys who know other languages) (my husband knows like six, but most of them are dead).

So that's my vote. :) Ha!

katdish said...

I don't know why, but for some reason the Jane Fonda one rings true for me.

And thanks so much for the award. I'm honored.

Charley Roberts said...

I think katdish has it right.

Anonymous said...
i'm gonna guess paris for six months.

it just sounds so good.

Louise Gallagher said...

Well thank you for this award!!!

And, um..... I have to go with your mother's ob! (Mine -- as in when my eldest was born -- was playing golf)

Maureen said...

Louise, you have the correct answer!