Thursday, April 14, 2011

Body Painter Alexa Meade

To describe Washington, D.C., area native Alexa Meade as a representational painter is to fail to take into account that her portrait painting is also performance is also interactive installation. Her subjects literally are her canvases. She puts down layers of acrylic paint directly on the skin and clothes of her live models and the objects she has placed in her carefully pre-conceived and constructed "sets", then photographs what she has created, producing in another medium a new artwork that also serves as archival document. To see her work in person is to marvel at her talent, which has brought her international acclaim. What gives you pause is that she is only in her early twenties.

This Art202 in Production video gives you an idea of how Meade works.

Alexa Meade video- with Photos from Art202 in Production on Vimeo.

Recently, PBS NewsHour Art Beat program produced another behind-the-scenes look at Meade at work. 

Meade also has been featured here

Alexa Meade's Portfolio and Flickr Page

Alexa Meade's Limited-Edition Prints

Irvine Contemporary, in Washington, D.C., represents Meade. The gallery's portfolio of her work may be viewed on the pages beginning here.


Louise Gallagher said...

Wow -- very creative and inventive. How long do the models have to stand -- and how does she get people to agree to do it! Wow!

Anonymous said...

i would so like to paint people too...