Sunday, April 24, 2011

Persistence (Poem)

Photo Credit: Greg Laychak
© Greg Laychak Used With Permission


What's of grey's
no matter. Behind
doors I dream
how life goes
rappelling, ascending, no
flat-lined horizons.

© 2011 Maureen E. Doallas


I offer this poem, in Shadorma form, for today's Picture Prompt Challenge at One Stop Poetry. Today's One Shoot Sunday feature is an interview with photographer Greg Laychak. Go here to read the interview and then scroll down for directions for participating in the poetry or flash fiction challenge.


Beachanny said...

I love it. Like's all straight ahead, and death as Dumbledore said, is just the next great adventure! Well written. (I think several of us are enjoying this Shadorma works just right for some topics.)

dustus said...

The Shadorma is an addictive form, and you are excellent at it. The pun through "grey's no matter" and "no flat-lined horizons" work wonderfully both as negations and suitable imagery for your theme. Great Shadorma!

Glynn said...

"Flat-lined horizons" - a phenomenally good line for that photo. Well done, Maureen.

signed...bkm said...

What a great line..."no flat-line horizons"....a sad but but so true a statement...hard to really think about ....bkm

Brian Miller said...

there is some fabulous word play you use in this...very nice maureen

S. Etole said...

and still ... sadness

* said...

Oh, the I've yet to try, but now, newly inspired by you.

I like your use of words here, rappelling, ascending, flat-lined horizons, all fittingly good.

Steve Isaak said...

Solid work.