Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's new edition of Saturday Sharing lets you play with a Stereogranimator, get behind the Tumblr images compiled by the Academy of American Poets, check out how you can give a HOOT for literature's sake, and share your favorite book excerpts via Findings. Take your pick of video selections, too: a 15-minute concert from guitarist Glenn Jones or a song that will enlighten you about the controversial and complex subject of fracking.

✦ I've shared before the fabulous resource that is the New York Public Library. Recently, I learned about NYPL LabsStereogranimator, an online tool you can use to create and share animated GIFs and anaglyphs in 3D Web formats using the NYPL's collection of more than 40,000 historical stereographs. All the images in the collection are in the NYPL's open-access repository. The tool's creators welcome public participation and experimentation. Go have yourself some fun!

New York Public Library on FaceBook

Stereogranimator on Twitter

✦ The Academy of American Poets has launched its own image-based Tumblr site that brings together in one place videopoems, archival images of manuscripts, poetry lectures, audio recordings, and other poetry-related ephemera from the many programs you might already be following. Just click on an image and enjoy the offering. And if you haven't browsed the site recently, take a look at what you might have been missing, including the interview and notable books sections.

✦ Want to receive a monthly offering of literature via postcard? Subscribe to HOOT, which in 150 or fewer words brings you poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and even reviews of independent and small press books, all on a postcard you can display or share. Browse current and past issues online. (My thanks for this link goes to NewPages.) Individual postcards sell for $0.75 to $2.00; a year's subscription (up to four postcards a month) is $14.00. Go ahead; give a HOOT!

HOOT on FaceBook, Twitter, and Tumblr

✦ Take 15 minutes to enjoy this Tiny Desk Concert with Glenn Jones.

✦ Members of the online community Findings share excerpts from books and great reads on the Web. Poets & Writers gave the site this shout-out. Here's a quick clip to show you how Findings works:

✦ If you pay attention to the news, you know fracking. What you might not have seen yet is My Water's on Fire Tonight, a collaboration from Studio 20 NYU and the nonprofit, independent ProPublica, which produces investigative journalism in the public interest. The lyrics, by David Holmes and Niel Bekker, are based on ProPublica's major investigation into hydraulic fractured gas drilling and its consequences, which include contamination of drinking water and many documented ill-health effects. The video is an interesting reduction of this serious and complex subject. (My thanks for the link go to the blog of the online journal The film Gasland by Josh Fox remains one of the very best explorations of the subject. This New York Times article from last May underscores some of the many sides of the issue.

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