Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Muse Watches The Poetry Station

The Web-based portal The Poetry Station wants viewers to experience poetry through music, film, animation, and readings. Started in 2009 with the award of a grant from the Arts Council of England, the site, a project of English & Media Centre, needs your help to become self-sustaining. Below are several examples of video features you'll find at The Poetry Station. If you enjoy what you see, let The Poetry Station know (go to Contact to send an e-mail). The site won a 2011 BETT Award in the Digital Collections and Resource Banks category.

Currently, The Poetry Station features classic, modern, and contemporary work by a diverse selection of poets, including, for example, Maya Angelou, Simon Armitage, William Blake,  Leonard Cohen, Hafez, Seamus Heaney, Tony Harrison, Naomi Shihab Nye, Jo Shapcott, Tomas Transtromer. See the list of titles here.

"I Would Like to Be a Dot in a Painting by Miro", by Moniza Alvi, author most recently of Europa (Bloodaxe Books, 2008) and Homesick for the Earth (Bloodaxe, 2011):

"Tongue of the Hidden" by Hafez, a film by David Alexander Anderson with translation, calligraphy, and narration by Jila Peacock (additional information):

The Poetry Station on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube


Deborah said...

An intensely rich post, Maureen! The music accompanying the Moniza Alvi video is just perfect: drops falling into dots. Interesting poem too.

Louise Gallagher said...

Love the Moniza Alvi poem -- and Tongue of the Hidden is stunningly beautiful. Even without being able to understand the spoken language, I understood the beauty of the poetry and the imagery. The animation is gorgeous.

thanks Maureen!

Ruth said...

I love the title "I Would Like to Be a Dot in a Painting by Miro"!