Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's new edition of Saturday Sharing reflects just how eclectic the Web's offerings are. Take a moment and browse the maps at Flowing Data, a site dedicated to computer scientist Alan Turing, the interactive Body & Soul, ballet in ultra slow-motion, and a digital archive of World War I poetry. Also enjoy listening to today's video recording of Marian McPartland's musical tribute to environmentalist Rachel Carson.

✦ The interactive Body & Soul is based on the book Body & Soul: The Courage and Beauty of Breast Cancer Survivors (Clerisy Press, Emmiss Books 2004) by photographer Jean Karotkin, who herself is a breast cancer survivor. The site allows you to view the book, comprising a series of black-and-white photographs of and brief essays about breast cancer survivors, and links to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a national education and support organization dedicated to assisting anyone who is newly diagnosed, in treatment, finished with treatment, or years beyond living with metastatic breast cancer; it also provides information and support for family members, caregivers, friends, and health care providers. 

✦ At The Collections, you'll find a digital archive of First World War Poetry. Among the poets whose work is featured are Robert Graves and Wilfred Owen. 

✦ A Website dedicated to Alan Turing marks the centenary of the computer scientist's birth.

✦ At Flowing Data, find out what your state ranks "the worst at"; then look immediately below the "The United States of Shame" to see "The United States of Awesome". While on the site, also be sure to look at the "hand-crated wall map" of the U.S.

✦ Have you ever watched ballet in ultra-slow motion (1000 frames per second)? Here's an example.

✦ Enjoy this recording of Marian McPartland's A Portrait of Rachel Carson, the jazz pianist's tribute to the pioneering environmentalist. This year marks the 50th anniversary of publication of Carson's famous Silent Spring.

Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson

"Marian McPartland's Rachel Carson in Concert", NPR Music, April 2008 (You'll also find at  the same link a video about the making of A Portrait of Rachel Carson.)

David Hajdu, "Hajdu: The Many Musical Tributes to Rachel Carson", The New Republic, March 23, 2012


Louise Gallagher said...

I got lost in Body & Soul -- and now must move on with my day.

Though... I did start watching Life and Legacy -- thansk for the inspiration!

Ruth said...

You are a treasure, a treasury.

WWI poems! I went there, picked Vera Brittain, then "May Morning." I read the poem, lovely. Then gazed at the scanned hand-written letter. Oh what a find!

And I want to find out more about Robert Graves, also there. He who wrote The White Goddess. I have not read his poems.

Thank you.