Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Wonder: Aurora Borealis

The aurora borealis is a wonder, truly, and, as captured here, in landscape photographer Ole C. Salomonsen's 2012 stop-motion film, Celestial Lights Viewed From Earth, it will leave you in awe. 

Salomonsen, of Tromso, Norway, spent the months from September 2011 to April 2012 on a project that took him across Norway, Sweden, and Finland; in his quest to film the aurora borealis, Salomonsen shot some 150,000 exposures from which he selected approximately 6,000 frames for use in the video below. (Salomonsen plans to use other sequences for another project.) Using two to three cameras, he shot most of the sequences using circular fish-eye optics; his list of gear appears on his Vimeo page.

Norwegian composer Kai-Anders Ryan contributed the gorgeous music for Salomonsen's film.

Celestial Lights is the second of Salomonsen's video projects. The first time-lapse video, In the Land of the Northern Lights, may be viewed here.

Stunning still photos by Salomonsen may be seen on his Website and on Flickr.

Northern Lights Explained

Ole C. Salomonsen on FaceBook and YouTube

Kai-Anders Ryan on FaceBook

Audio Track for Celestial Lights on iTunes


Ruth said...

Maureen, this is color ecstasy. I feel I am watching the sun play with winter. The skyscapes in time lapse would be bliss enough, but to see them above the mountainscapes of Scandinavia is incredible. The seamless editing and music turn this into a gorgeous film of earth art. Thank you for sharing!

Hannah Stephenson said...

WHOA. Amazing....this is just what I needed today.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a trip!

S. Etole said...

This was just stunning; the music making it even more so.

Louise Gallagher said...

Yes! the music does make it even more dramatic.

One of the most spectacular Northern Lights displays I've ever seen was at a folk concert with James Keelaghan in a small town west of the city. At intermission, we went outside and the northern lights were shimmering in a huge arc above our heads like a circus tent rising in the sky. What was even more amazing was that the last song before intermission James played was about .... the northern lights!

Thanks for sharing this Maureen -- in some of the images they make me think of a Lauren Harris painting.