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Monday Muse: Vermont's Poet Laureate

. . . it's often a matter of learning to trust yourself,
you know, that what you've observed and what you've rendered
and what you've said is adequate, that it doesn't need to be
expounded upon so that the reader will get it.
~ Sydney Lea, on writing with restraint* 

The successor of Ruth Stone, Sydney Lea began his term as seventh Poet Laureate of Vermont in November 2011. In recommending Lea for appointment, the Vermont Arts Council cited the poet's virtuosity and "dramatic intensity, narrative momentum, and musicality".**

Lea maintains an active schedule of poetry readings around the state.

Information about the four-year position and related resources can be found in my post about Stone.

* * * * *
. . . the supposed constraints of form—meter, rhyme,
regular stanza and so forth—are really the opposite
of constraining: that is, my attention to such apparently
 mechanical matters enables me to quit worrying for a while
 about where a poem is going, what it is meant to be. 
Formal obligations are in fact a gateway into a sort of playfulness
 in my writing; I can just lose myself among the possibilities
 of language for a spell. . . .***

Founder of the New England Review, which he edited until 1989, Sydney Lea, Ph.D., has published not only poetry but also nonfiction, a novel, and essays. Lea's poetry collections include, most recently, Six Sundays Toward a Seventh: Spiritual Poems (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2012), Young of the Year (Four Way Books, 2011), and Ghost Pain: Poems (Sarabande Books, 2005). His Hunting the Whole Way Home (Lyons Press, 2002) includes both essays and poems. Among Lea's other volumes of poetry are Pursuit of a Wound: Poems (University of Illinois Press, 2000), which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and  To the Bone: New and Selected Poems (University of Illinois Press, 1996), awarded The Poets' Prize. An eleventh collection,  I Was Thinking of Beauty, is to be published by Four Way Books in 2013. 

Lea co-edited, with Robert Pack and Jay Parini, The Bread Loaf Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry (Middlebury, 1985), which was awarded an English Speaking Union Best Book Award. 

Lea, a lyrical, formalist poet who also writes in free verse, draws inspiration from his surroundings, producing in his work what the Vermont Arts Council has described as "extraordinarily evocative descriptions of northern New England's landscapes, animal and plant life, and the seasonal panorama."** His subjects range over rural life, friendship, loss, youth, aging, the passing of generations, illness, death, redemption, memory, weather, places, music, sports.

While subtly complex, Lea's finely crafted poems are accessible, erudite without seeming high-brow, and not without humor. His poems tend to be long, as do the lengths of his lines, which are dense with detail and memorable images. His narrative and prose poems bear the qualities of the best story-tellers, their conversational tone reeling you in. Lea's a keen observer of place and of people, giving particular attention to down-and-out and what and how people suffer. Poet and essayist Fleda Brown has called Lea "our generation's Edwin Arlington Robinson."

Here are a few lines to give you a sense of Lea's voice and talent at setting a scene, evoking a mood, and creating striking image:

[. . .] First love meant hot vinyl
all through one summer. They crooned
along with that Platters tune

they treasured, "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."
Long drought, but they felt exalted by sighs:[. . .]
~ from "Slow Burn"

It comes in sharp, a smell like the James River's foam.
It remembers azalea, willow, the sway
Of laurel, or camellia's pink-smoked buds drawing open
like a women's hands with moonlight in his dark room. [. . .]
~ from "Canary Weather"

A highly successful writer, Lea is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Fulbright Fellowship (1992), a Guggenheim Fellowship (1987), and a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship (1985). He has published poems, essays, criticism, and stories in Agni Online, BloodrootGreen Mountains ReviewImage JournalKenyon Review, Mid-American ReviewPoetryThe New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Georgia ReviewThe New Republic, The Ohio ReviewRiver Teeth Journal, Shenandoah, Verse Daily, and many, many other literary periodicals, as well as in more than three dozen anthologies.

Over more than four decades, Lea has taught at many higher education institutions, including Dartmouth College (from which he retired in 2011), Yale University, Middlebury College, Wesleyan University, and Vermont College. 


All Poetry Quotations © Sydney Lea

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Hunting the Whole Way Home at GoogleBooks (Preview Pages)

Pursuit of a Wound: Poems at GoogleBooks (Preview Pages)

Edwin Arlington Robinson

Sydney Lea Reads, New England Review Vermont Reading Series, November 10, 2011:


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