Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

This month wraps up with Sunday Soup, Gwarlingo, and Chick History. And if that's not enough, Saturday Sharing shows you where to discover butterflies and get in a clean shot at the "serif".

✦ The unique Sunday Soup network funds creative projects by selling community meals at an affordable price. All income from a meal is given as a grant to support a project for which a grant application has been accepted. The food-based micro-granting network operates in cities around the United States, in Canada, and abroad. The Website includes information on how to Start Your Own grassroots grant-making program.

✦ View and learn about butterflies at Spot a Butterfly, a site of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

NMNH on FaceBookTwitter, and YouTube

NMNH Blog, Unearthed

✦ This site proved popular when I tweeted it several weeks ago. Bet you cannot shoot just one at "I Shot the Serif". (My thanks to The New Yorker's PageTurner for the link.)

✦ At Gwarlingo you can expect to find the unusual and the inventive in visual art, music, writing, film, and performance. The site, which is browsable by subject (creative process, images, creative spaces, Sunday poem, words, sounds, spaces, design, performance, resources) and includes a bookstore, encourages creatives to connect, explore, and share their ideas. 

✦ Women get their due at Chick History, the goal of which is "to find new and interesting ways to tell the stories of women's roles and contributions to history", especially those that have been overlooked, watered-down, or edited out. You'll find on the site a still-lengthening Chick List (helpful for locating profiles), a weekly Women's History digest, and Civil War diaries, among other items about women's achievements and contributions.

Chick History on FaceBook and Twitter


S. Etole said...

I got caught-up in the "serif" game and almost didn't find my way back.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! The Service-works looks interesting! The link leads to a page saying Mobile Me is closed. I googled and I was led to what I thought was more information, but it to, led me back to closed Mobile me. Do You know what that is?

Maureen said...

I had checked links just a couple of days before the post published; apparently, between then and the time Saturday Sharing appeared, the site closed down. I've removed the item. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, it seemed like a nice concept!