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All Art Friday

All Art Friday

All Art Friday Spotlights

✦ Challenging "the idea of silence as a passive state" and how it can be explored through performance, writing, and collaboration and partnership, artist Ahmet Ogut has founded at Tate Modern The Silent University, a knowledge-exchange platform for refugees and aslyum-seekers. Ogut conceived the community project during his year-long residency at Tate, which intends to continue its support over the long term. Participants include groups of lecturers, academic consultants, and research fellows that contribute to course development and research on themes such as the refugee/asylum-seeker/migrant experience (e.g., the effects on skills and knowledge of asylum-seeker who are "silenced"). A description of the platform is here and Ogut's concept is further examined here. Additional support comes from the Delfina Foundation.

Talks, Performances, and Discussions at The Silent University

✦ What happens when you gather artists, musicians, and other creatives from around the world? You get A Big Project. The initiative, explained here, seeks to create a global shift in thinking by implementing ideas that instill hope and belief in the possibility of change and help to create a more humane society. 

A Big Project on FaceBook and Twitter

✦ The commission4mission, based in the United Kingdom, seeks to encourage the commissioning and placement in churches of contemporary Christian art as a way to fundraise for charities. It promotes churches' purchase of members' artworks through donations in memory of loved ones, who are commemorated (wherever possible) with plaques placed near the artworks. The organization also mounts exhibitions and sponsors and promotes art-related events. Among available member publications are Mark of the Cross, a series of images and meditations on the Passion narrative, and The Passion: Reflections and Prayer.

✦ The late artist William Mutermohlen's self-portraits, documenting over eight years his advancing Alzheimer's, are among the most moving I've ever seen.

✦ Brief video profiles of the American Craft Council's 2012 ACC Awards are here. Among the recipients are hand-blown glass artist Dante Marioni and sculptor and Gold Medal winner Stephen De Staebler.

ACC on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube

✦ Today's video features the contemporary paintings and installations of Iceland-born, now Chicago resident Anna Joelsdottir. Images of Joelsdottir's colorful, seemingly ethereal paintings, some of which are created from mylar hand-painted with acrylic and inks and others of which incorporate such mixed media as drafting film, fabric, thread, metal, and glitter, are here. Images of the artist's site-specific installation surge  at New York City's alternative arts space Clocktower Gallery are here and here. Joelsdottir recently exhibited at Chicago's Zg Gallery.

Exhibitions Here and There

✭ "Hung Liu: Offerings" opens January 23, 2013, at Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, California. The exhibition, which runs through March 17 and precedes Oakland Museum of California's retrospective "Summoning Ghosts: The Art of Hung Liu" (March 16 - June 30), presents two large-scale, site-specific installations,  Tai Cang—Great Granary (2008) and Jui Jin Sand (Old Gold Mountain) (1994), which will be complemented by related paintings and prints. The former installation is being shown for the first time in the United States. In June, San Jose Museum of Art mounts new work by Hung in the exhibit "Questions from the Sky".

Mills College Museum on FaceBook and Twitter

See the video at the end of this post in which Liu talks about her use of historic photographs.

✭ Beginning January 25, Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, South Carolina, is showing 55 paintings, pastels, and watercolors by Impressionists, including the French masters Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, and Sisley, and Americans Mary Cassatt and John Singer Sargent. The exhibition, "Impressionism from Monet to Matisse", runs through April 21.

Columbia Museum of Art on FaceBook and Twitter

✭ Modern Southwestern ceramics will go on view January 26 in "Walking in the Footsteps of Our Ancestors: The Melion-Clum Collection of Modern Southwestern Pottery" at Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. Seed pots, red- and black ware, and basketry-inspired vessels, as well as objects made by the Quezada (Juan Quezada, Mata Ortiz) family of potters from Casas Grandes, will be on view. The show will run through January 25, 2014. The ceramics are a promised gift to the museum.

Carlos Museum on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube

✭ An exhibition of photographs by Norwegian Simen Johan continues through February 17, 2013, at David Winton Bell Gallery, List Art Center, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. For "Until the Kingdom Comes", Johan has mounted a series (begun in 2006) of animal images intended to "confuse. . . the familiar and the otherworldly, the natural and the artificial, the amusing and the eerie." Johan photographed the animals in zoos and on farms, and uses Photoshop to create the particular portrait he's conceived (as many as 100 negatives may be used in creating an image). See a selection of exhibition images online. Additional images from the series may be seen on Johan's Website, organized by  year (one of my favorites is Untitled #132, 2005, a photograph of two owls on a picnic bench) and at Yossi Milo Gallery (a video of the 2011 exhibition with Johan). The photographs are provocative, often fantastical, sometimes quite dark. Even if you only see them online, they invite more than a quick look.

Rosecrans Baldwin, "The Eerie", Interview with Simen Johan, The Morning News, October 31, 2011

Bell Gallery on FaceBook and Twitter

Notable Exhibitions Abroad

✭ A show of Friedensreich Hundertwasser's boldly colorful work from 1949 to 1970 is on view at Kunsthalle Bremen. The exhibition, titled "Against the Grain", runs through February 17. Included in the comprehensive show of approximately 100 paintings, watercolors, and graphics are rarely seen early works, as well as masterpieces; Hundertwasser's oeuvre may be viewed here.

As part of the exhibition, students from the University of Arts Bremen restaged in October the Austrian artist's 1959 "art protest" against the straight line at Hamburg Institute of Fine Arts, Line of Hamburg (also known as "Endless Line"; see the video of preparations for recreating the protest). At the time, Hundertwasser (1928-2000), a guest lecturer at the institute, was joined by his students and followers in occupying the institute and drawing a line through hallways. The protest ended after police intervened.

Hundertwasser Foundation

Kunsthalle Bremen on FaceBook and Twitter

Museum Hundertwasser (Kunst Haus Wien)

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