Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

This week's edition of Saturday Sharing offers you an opportunity to discover your inner wine personality, learn about the 100 things you'll supposedly want to eat before you die (or before we head into the new year), test the Tate Gallery's Pocket Art Gallery app, visit National Book Critics Circle's Tumblr site, check out the latest posts at Public Domain Review, and walk a famous mile with van Gogh.

✦ Do you belong to the "Sweeties"? Are you "Hypersensitive" or just "Sensitive"? Would you call yourself "Tolerant"? Or is yours more a personality of "Many Variations"? Inquiring wine-types might want to know. Submit to myVinotype to find out what kind of wine drinker you are. Launched by "wine anti-snob" Tim Hanni and wine entrepreneur Chris Cutler, the assessment tool is designed to help you figure out your personal preferences by uncovering your "sensory sensitivities and tolerances" and "determin[ing] certain elements you value" about wine. A video explains it all. 

✦ With the end of the year fast approaching, don't delay in clicking through this 2012 list of 100 Things To Eat Before You Die. Don't worry if you run out of time. A 2013 list is bound to turn up.

✦ The Tate Gallery's Pocket Art Gallery app, available at iTunes, lets you curate your own collection.

✦ The National Book Critics Circle has its own Tumblr, which always carries something of interest.

The Public Domain Review, a nonprofit project that showcases out-of-copyright works available online, has featured some wonderful posts, including "The Proper Art of Writing", "Chapbooks of the Eighteenth Century", "An Alphabet of Celebrities", and "Russian Fairy Tales". This site can keep you browsing for a long time. 

✦ Below is an excerpt, which walks you through some famous paintings, from the Van Gogh Mile app:

Van Gogh Mile on FaceBook and Twitter

Note to Readers

With this edition, Saturday Sharing will publish less frequently — perhaps once a month, perhaps not at all. Wishing you wonderful travels around the Web in search of your own great finds. ~ Maureen


Louise Gallagher said...

As always -- fascinating. But I couldn't get the list of things to eat to load! I'm hoping it wasn't anything too strange.

Maureen said...

Louise, that link works fine from here.