Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking for Tony Smith

Sculptor, painter, and architect Tony Smith made scores of small- and large-scale sculptures before his death in 1980 at age 68. Currently, there is no complete and easily accessible digital inventory of Smith's outdoor works and their locations. As I first mentioned in a September 21, 2012, post, the International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art - North America and the Tony Smith Estate, represented by Matthew Marks Gallery, want your help in documenting, via Wikipedia and Flickr, every outdoor sculpture Smith created. 

To date, a list of some 100 outdoor sculptures has been created online but it is not considered definitive. Consequently, additional calls to enlist the public's help have gone out to try to ensure the success of the Tony Smith Wiki Project. In addition to documentation about the location of any of Smith's outdoor artworks, the project is seeking images, researched and first-hand histories and assessments of the sculptures (here's an example), and bibliographic articles. The necessary details for participating in the crowd-sourced project, as well as resources (for example, Tony Smith Outdoor Sculptures on Flickr) to facilitate the public's efforts, are found here on Wikipedia. 

As an incentive to promote participation, a commemorative t-shirt, featuring an image of Smith's black-finished Marriage on the front and the INCCA-NA logo in black-and-white, has been designed (see image) as a give-away. Because the project is part of an ongoing centennial celebration (Smith would have been 100 on September 23, 2012), the edition is limited to 100 and will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis to project participants who create an article about a Smith artwork and leave a note about it on the Wikipedia Talk Page for Richard McCoy, who helped create the Wiki project. 

This video (12:10 minutes) from NJN Public Television documents an effort to bring one of Smith's sculptures to South Orange, New Jersey (see link below) and offers a brief introduction to the artist:

INCCA-NA Press Release on TOny Smith Wiki Project (pdf)

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Ok. So I'm intrigued. Thanks so much for sharing this Maureen -- the video is fascinating!