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All Art Friday

All Art Friday

All Art Friday Spotlights

✦ I first came upon the work of award-winning Spanish painter Carlos Morago (b. 1954) on a Tumblr site. You'll want to take a look at his beautiful work. His interiors and landscapes are romantic, his florals lush. His style is highly distinctive. This video of an exhibition at Galeria Nolde (see images at gallery link) will give you a bit of an idea of why you should know about him. Additional work may be seen at Gallery Alain Daudet.

✦ A Hampshire College exhibition "Pulp to Pixels: Artists Books in the Digital Age" lives on at its dedicated Website. It's worth checking out. Also see the related article by the college's archivist at The Signal Digital Preservation site at The Library of Congress; embedded in the article are a number of links of interest.

✦ Below is a wonderful video from the Dedalus Foundation showing the production of the three-volume Robert Motherwell Painting and Collages: A Catalogue Raisonne, 1941-1991 (Yale University Press, 2012). The catalogue documents more than 1,200 paintings on canvas and panel, more than 700 paintings on paper, and nearly 900 collages. Exquisite!

Motherwell Biography 

Additional information about the catalogue and related links here.

My thanks to Paris Review Daily blog for the link to the video.

✦ Jennifer A. Watts is the curator of a 150th anniversary Civil War photography show, "A Strange and Fearful Interest: Death, Mourning, and Memory in the American Civil War", which concluded last month at The Huntington, San Marino, California. Visit the exhibition Website to view selected works online (approximately 200 original photographs were displayed) and go here for additional resources and information about a companion exhibition of manuscript materials. For the online component of the exhibition, Watts worked with artist Barret Oliver to provide a short documentary about the complications and dangers of image-making in the 19th Century. In the video below, Watts talks about the wet plate photographic technique and his experience of making In the Usual Manner, which was first screened this past December. Additional segments — "The Photograph Itself", "In the Usual Manner", "Every Possible Situation", "Not a Solitary Venture", and "A Physical Object"  as well as artist commentary — may be viewed online at the link.

Also of interest is "Lincoln and the Civil War", an audio podcast on iTunes featuring historian Drew Gilpin Faust. 

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Exhibitions Here and There

✭ Miami's Rubell Family Collection is presenting a solo exhibition of the work of Oscar Murillo through August 2. The 26-year-old artist has installed five paintings inscribed with such words as "chorizo" and "mango"; he's also included performance and video works. The exhibition artworks are in the Rubell Family Collection. Accompanying the show is a catalogue with text by Hans Ulrich Obrist and photographs taken during Murillo's Summer 2012 residency at RFC.

Oscar Murillo on Pinterest

✭ Nine abstract paintings by Lesley Vance and a dozen sculptures by Ricky Swallow are installed in the Beaux Arts mansion at The Huntington and on view through March 11. The show of the Los Angeles-based married couple's works is the first of contemporary artwork to be shown inside Huntington Art Gallery. The publication Lesley Vance & Ricky Swallow at The Huntington (see image at left), featuring essays by curators Catherine Hess and Christopher Bedford, accompanies the exhibition. 

✭ A mid-career survey of British artist Jeremy Deller (b. 1966) opens today at the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis. On view through April 28, "Jeremy Deller: Joy in People" features Deller's major installations, photographs, videos, posters, banners, performances, and sound works. Among the highlights are Open Bedroom, a life-size reconstruction of an exhibition staged at his parents' home while they were vacationing, and Valerie's Snack Bar, a functioning reconstruction of a Manchester cafe. An illustrated catalogue accompanies the show.

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✭ New York City's Museum of Arts and Design continues through February 17 "Doris Duke's Shangri La: Architecture, Landscape, and Islamic Art". Featured are a model, large-scale commissioned photographs of Duke's extraordinary five-acre retreat in Honolulu, and archival materials relating to her collection, a selection of works from which includes ceramics, furniture, textiles, and inlaid jewelry seen for the first time outside the home. Go here for a downloadable audio tour of the exhibition and here for a 38-page resource packet (pdf) that includes images. Objects in Duke's collection date from the early first millennium B.C.E. to contemporary works (among the contemporary artists is Shahzia Sikander, who recently received from the U.S. State Department an inaugural Medal of Art; see video profile of the artist below). Here's a video with the curators. Additional information and images of work in Duke's collection and included in the exhibition are here.

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Notable Exhibitions Abroad

✭ Three exhibitions are running concurrently, through March 2, at Art Mur, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada: "Judith Berry", paintings (bio and images here); "Holly King: Grand Canyon: Unseen", comprising large-format photographic landscapes (bio and images here; artist Website); and "Eric Lamontagne: Landscapes on the road" (bio here).

✭ The "Tea with Nefertiti" exhibition is on view at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha, capital of Qatar, until March 31, after which it begins an international tour. Here's a video highlighting the show:

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