Thursday, September 12, 2013

Miscommunication as Metaphor for Artmaking

I'm interested in the role that understanding plays
when looking at an art object.
~ Amalia Pica

Verbal and nonverbal communication and how messages are delivered and received, particularly via an art object, are of especial interest to London-based artist Amalia Pica (b. 1978). Pica, who was born in Argentina, explores her themes through drawings and other works on paper, sculptures, photography, installations, and live performance, using photocopies, light bulbs, glasses and bottles, cardboard, and other materials that either "don't work" for their purpose or are intended to foster interactions, changes, and "conversations  [among] different pieces". In the first video below, this fascinating artist shares her interest in and ideas about what we can and cannot convey via language and how, so very often, we miscommunicate what we want to say and have others understand. 

Fifteen of Pica's important works from the last seven years were on view recently at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The show, Pica's first major solo museum exhibition in the United States, concluded August 11. A catalogue including essays and an interview with the artist accompanies "Amalia Pica".

In this video, Pica describes her installation about listening for Pinchuk Art Centre:

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