Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Muse: Tabaimo's 'Dolefullhouse'

I featured in December 2012 a short video about metaphors narrated by poet Jane Hirshfield (see "Monday Muse: Hirshfield on Metaphors"). Today, I want you to see this wonderful video about the visual metaphor that is dolefullhouse by Japanese artist Tabaimo (b. 1975). 

In the video below, filmed in 2010 in New York and London, Tabaimo discusses how she achieved meaning through her disparate additions to an animated installation. But her intended meaning, she wants viewers to know, is not the point. Instead, she encourages us to see and understand through our own interpretations of her work, which typically uses such art forms as ukiyoe woodcuts, manga, and anime layered in narratives about life in contemporary Japan.

Direct Video Link (The video also is available at Art21 on YouTube.)

Critically acclaimed, Tabaimo exhibits worldwide. She lives and works in Nagano, Japan.

My thanks to Art21 blog for the video link. Tabaimo appears  in Chapter 6 of "Boundaries", a 2012 episode of Art in the Twenty-First Century on PBS.

Installation Images of dolefullhouse and Other Works at 601 Artspace

Tabaimo at 54th Venice Biennale on e-fllux, 601Artspace, Asia Art Archive (Images and Interview), James Cohan Gallery, Museum of Modern Art (Article), and Philagrafika 20120

Tabaimo's teleco-soup on YouTube

Interview with Tabaimo at Tokyo Art Beat, July 23, 2006

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