Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Muse: Discovering Michael Carter

A painter, printmaker, digital artist, author of children's books, curriculum design specialist, and  classroom instructor, Michael Carter is the founder and owner (with his wife, artist Teresa West Carter) of Art House Artisans

Carter, who developed a K-12 art program for Westminster Academy in Memphis, Tennessee, first came to my attention via the "semi-official" trailer for his children's book The Stone. Based on a Jewish tale, The Stone showcases Carter's terrific illustrations in ink and paint on paper, wood, papyrus, and canvas, as well as a photo image of sculpture in gilded clay. 

The Stone Official Trailer from Art House Artisans on Vimeo.

The trailer was sufficient motivation to seek out Carter's Website, where a representative sampling of images of his beautifully executed paintings, digital work, and prints (a serigraphy series Typographia is in progress) can be found. Many of the images take their inspiration from religious sources; the digital artwork, for example, includes a series about the Commandments. The Website also features images of Carter's work-in-progress Wrinkled Up With God.

Michael Carter's Blog It's a Good Day ~ You'll find on this blog, subtitled "Thoughts on the art of life & the life of art", not only information about Carter's projects but also interviews with other artists, book reviews, poetry, and other inspirational posts. The blog is a rewarding read.

Michael Carter on Google+ and Fine Art America

Art House Artisans (Ft. Mill, South Carolina) on FaceBook

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Found this fascinating and enjoyed his blog.