Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday's Three on Poetry

Today, Thursday's Three offers three Web resources on poetry.

Poetry Flash ~ This site describes itself as a "Literary Review & Calendar for the West" and an "independent voice" for poets, poetry, and creative writing. Anytime you're headed to the Left Coast or just want to catch up on activities elsewhere, you might want to stop in and take stock of the many essays, reviews, readings, awards ceremonies, festivals, and other events, and poems to be found here. 

Poetry Flash on FaceBook and Twitter

The Cultural Society ~ Here you'll find the work of contemporary poets and news of the publication of poetry collections. Based in Brooklyn, New York, The Cultural Society makes quarterly or semi-annual updates to its site and publishes four book titles per year. It also offers audio recordings.

Poetry Center Digital Archive ~ The digital archive of the Poetry Center & American Poetry Archives provides free public access to original audio and video recordings dating from 1954 to the present. This spring it plans to release approximately 100 rare archival recordings from the 1960s, supplementing the 50 from the 1950s that already are accessible online. Located at San Francisco State University, the Poetry Center maintains an online events calendar and hosts "what is likely the longest continuously running poetry series" in the United States.

Poetry Center on FaceBook and Twitter

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