Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sol LeWitt Documentary

Conceptual artists leap to conclusions, logic cannot reach. 
I really believe that art is not something that's laid down
as frosting on the cake of society. I think that aesthetics 
and ethics are really very much the same kind of thing.
~ Sol LeWitt Quoted in 1974 Audio-Interview

Below is the trailer for Sol Lewitt (Icarus Films, 2012), a documentary written and directed by Chris Teerink. The film is described as "not a biography" about the famed post-war American conceptual artist but "a complete transformation of space by a simple idea". Or, as a synopsis for the film states, "The filmmaker explores the strength of LeWitt's conceptual philosophy. . . ." The idea or concept is the work itself. Teerink, according to his Director's Statement, saw a retrospective of LeWitt's work at Stedelijk Museum in 1984 and was immediately taken by "[t]he fact that a concept can lead to, or produce, a work of art. . . ." Terrink says that it is no exaggeration that LeWitt's work "changed my life."

The recipient of the Filaf d'Or and Prix du meilleur Portrait awards, the documentary, which includes interviews and rare archival material, in addition to footage of the 2011 installation of LeWitt's Wall Drawing #801: Spiral in Maastrick, in the Netherlands, was shown May 7 of this year at Film Forum in New York City and subsequently has screened elsewhere. Last year it was in a number of film festivals, including Haifa International Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival.

Sol LeWitt, 1928-2007

"Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Restrospective",  Collaboration Between Mass MoCA, Yale University Art Gallery, and Williams College Museum of Art 

About the Retrospective, On View for 25 Years

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