Thursday, September 11, 2014

Artist Nicole Marie Mueller

Recently, "The Curator", a column that appears at Curator Magazine, featured artist Nicole Marie Mueller. Mueller is a painter, collagist, and experimental animation filmmaker, as well as the founder of Blue Lined Designs, Baltimore, Maryland, which comprises a team of artists who collaborate on mural paintings (the business is co-owned by Mueller and figurative painter and printmaker Lee Nowell, and includes illustrator Jacqueline McNally). (Be sure to look at those other artists' sites as well.)

I find Mueller's work playful and appealing. Her line is fluid but controlled, and her sense of color can be dramatic; and, as she indicates in her Artist Statement, she undertakes "experiments" with "incongruous marks and materials" and scale to explore ideas about change, movement, and complexity. The results are dynamic, as these paintings on paper demonstrate.

Below is one of Mueller's charming stop-motion animations, What the Dog Saw.

Nicole Marie Mueller Studio Blog

(My thanks to "The Curator" for introducing readers to Mueller and her work.)

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