Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Muse: 'River-Born' Preview

Premiering at Bournemouth Arts Festival by the Sea, in the United Kingdom, this coming Saturday, September 27, is River-Born, a performance piece by Cabinet of Living Cinema. A mix of words from Tang Dynasty poet Li Poe and British poet Ted Hughes (River of 1983), plus text by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung that relates the concept of the primordial image (archetype), it also includes images of rivers and graphic novel illustrations. Projected spoken verse is accompanied by a music performance, with the tabla (a pair of small drums) accompanying the Hughes work and the dulcimer that of Li Po. Also included is a commissioned composition for violin. A guitar also is played. A film documenting the performance is being made. See the preview (without sound) below.

Cabinet of Living Cinema, founded in 2010 by Kieron Maguire, a composer and theatre and film producer, describes itself as "a meeting of artists dedicated to creating 'performance cinema'". Its live "Cabinet Voyages" take place in galleries and museums, at arts festivals, and in a range of other venues that are geographically and culturally diverse. In addition to Maguire, Cabinet of Living Cinema's performers include Robert Parkinson (dulcimer, bass, foley [special effects]), Tim Karp (banjo, guitar, foley), Francesca Ter-Berg (cello), Camillo Tirado (tabla, cajon, foley), and Joe Perry (percussion). Others are involved as guest performers and workshop facilitators. Be sure to explore the music section on the Website.

River-born (preview) from Cabinet of Living Cinema on Vimeo.

Cabinet of Living Cinema on Twitter and Vimeo

(My thanks to Poets & Writers for the introduction to Cabinet of Living Cinema.)

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The Cabinet of Living Cinema said...

Delighted to discover this blog and our project River-born featured on it. Also keen to read the Jung Page. Thank you from the Cabinet of Living Cinema. Updates regarding the development of River-born and sister project The Kingdom of Paul Nash will feature on our Facebook page: