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Monday Muse: New Colorado Poet Laureate

There's no reason that poetry cannot be integrated
into every aspect of teaching and enrich the lives of children.*
~ Colorado Poet Laureate Joseph Hutchison

Colorado's state poet is Joseph Hutchison, whose appointment was announced earlier in September. Hutchison, born in Colorado, succeeds David Mason, who served from July 1, 2010, to September 7, 2014. In the announcement of Hutchison's appointment, Governor John Hickenlooper called Hutchison's work "stunning", adding that "Colorado is lucky to have such a talented poet in our midst."**

Information about the Poet Laureate position is included in my Monday Muse post about Mary Crow, Mason's predecessor. Also see the Colorado Creative Industries page in Resources below.

Speaking about his appointment as state poet, Hutchison noted that his plans include producing poetry-related resources for classroom teaching: "Being poet laureate means an opportunity for me to help develop awareness of poetry, and to help teachers across the state to integrate more creative work, such as poetry, into the context of their daily lessons. My passion is to really help those teachers expose this art form to the students."*** According to an interview with the alumni association of the University of Northern Colorado, Hutchison hopes to create a database of Colorado poets, with poems by each organized topically, "so teachers can more easily incorporate poetry into their lesson plans."

Colorado's official advocate for poetry, Hutchison will serve a four-year term. As have his predecessors, he will be the state's traveling ambassador for poetry and literacy. One of his initial duties will be to present a poem at the opening of the annual Colorado General Assembly legislative session.

* * * * *
Poems have contained the best, deepest critical thinking
about human life on this planet.****

Joseph Hutchison — who credits his public school teachers with fostering his passion for poetry and his university instructors with inspiring and helping him refine his poetry-writing skills — has published more than a dozen collections of poetry, of which more than a half-dozen are chapbooks, including The Earth-Boat (Folded Word, 2012) and Sweet Nothing Noise (Wayland Press, 1991). Among the full collections are Bed of Coals (University of Colorado Press, 1995; FutureCycle Press, 2014), which received the 1994 Colorado Poetry Award; Marked Men (Turning Point Books, 2013), which relates in narrative verse stories of a painter attending Christopher Columbus's death, an attack on an Iroquois village in 1788, and the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864 (the collection was shortlisted for the 2011 Santa Fe Writers Project Poetry Awards); Thread of the Real (Conundrum Press, 2012), and Rain At Midnight (Sherman Asher Pub., 2000), which was a finalist for the 2001 Colorado Book Award. 

Hutchison, who also writes short fiction, is co-editor of two anthologies: Malala: Poems for Malala Yousafzai (FutureCycle Press, 2013; pdf) and A Song for Occupations: Poems About the American Way of Work (Wayland Press, 1991).

Lauded for the clarity and vividness of his imagery, the intellect and curiosity he  brings to his work, his skill at enjambment, his musicality (note use of alliteration, as in "The Glare": "This slug on the path is both slick and slow-witted...."), use of simile and metaphor, and power of observation, Hutchison takes as his subjects nature, places, American history, the American West, politics, society, and culture, love and redemption, human nature generally. He has written poems as short as a one line ("Artichoke") and stories in long narrative verse (see the trio in Marked Men). He writes free verse and prose poems, and selects form with care; as he told Robert King in an insightful interview at Colorado Poets Center, ". . . I've always felt that a poem's form, whether it's traditional or organic, should be part of the poem's meaning. . . ."

Quoting just a few lines from his poems gives the reader a sense of Hutchison's strong command of language:

[. . .] Our hearts flop in our chests like
deformed frogs. [. . .]
~ from "Claritas"

A crazed sizzle of blazing bees
in the word EAT. [. . .]
~ from "Winter Sunrise Outside a Cafe Near Butte, Montana"

[. . .]
The river opens to accept your first step,
and you're into it up to your knees—
the water's wrestle brotherly, bracing.
[. . .] Chest-deep now.
Icy water races past your racing heart,
under raised arms that ache [. . . .]
~ from "Black River"

Hutchison's writing also can be sensual and erotic, with a witty edge:

[. . .]
He slides his hand inside the sheet, dips
a finger into her gently, like the tip
of a brush. "I need to get to work," he says.
She lets the sheet fall, breathing, "So you do."
~ from Section III of "Colon in Extremis"

Currently, a member of the faculty and interim academic director of arts and culture and global affairs at University College at University of Denver, Hutchison has published poems in scores of prestigious literary periodicals, including American Poetry Review, Chautauqua Literary Journal, The Colorado Review, The Denver Quarterly, Glass: A Journal of PoetryHigh Plains Literary ReviewThe Hudson ReviewThe Little Review, Luna, The Mid-West Quarterly, Mississippi ReviewThe Nation, The Northwest ReviewOhio Review, PoetryPoetry Now, Poetry Salzburg Review, Prairie SchoonerRhinoValparaiso Poetry ReviewYes magazine, and Zone 3.

In addition, Hutchison's poetry has appeared in the online anthology Poets for Living Waters and in several dozen print anthologies, including Stardust and Fate: The Blueroad Reader (Blueroad Press, 2007) and Ted Kooser's The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets (Bison Books, 2007; University of Nebraska Press, 2005). With seven other poets, Hutchison is participating in a collaboration with Colorado artists, Image and Word: Art and Poetry in Conversation (read "A Unique Collaboration by Colorado Artists and Poets to Be Unveiled", Examiner, August 13, 2014).

The poet founded in 2006 The Perpetual Bird, where he blogs. He wrote there about his appointment (and other matters) in his post of September 28, 2014, "Laureation; Against Single-Mindedness; etc."


Photo Credit: Colorado Humanities

All Poetry Excerpts © Joseph Hutchison

Joseph Hutchison Website (You will find there his poetry, prose, a list of readings and presentations, information about online, magazine, and anthologized poems, a book ordering facility, and biographical information.)

Some of Hutchison's other chapbooks or collections are The Heart Inside the Heart (Wayland Press, 1999), the full-length House of Mirrors (James Andrew & Co. Pub., 1992), the full-length The Undersides of Leaves (Wayland Press, 1985), Thirst (Juniper Press, 1984; available through resellers), and Weathers, Vistas, Houses, Dust (Juniper Press, 1980; available through resellers). His chapbook Shadow-Light (Judy Anderson, 1982) received a 1982 Colorado Governor's Award. A lengthy list of his work, including work in anthologies, is available in the Bibliography at Colorado Poets Center. Information about some of Hutchison's collections and chapbooks also appears in Open Library and the Pudding House Collection (it includes Hutchison's Greatest Hits, 1970-2000 [Pudding House Publications, 2003]) at The Ohio State University. Various books may be ordered online at Hutchison's Website; some are signed.

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Colorado Book Awards

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